Old Chinese coins finally finished

I finally took time today to put binding on this HeartStrings quilt. The Chinese coins were from HS's first coin-making session. These had a lot of novelty fabrics in them. I actually assembled it while I was still taking pain meds after my total knee. I was making a horizontal strippy, and didn't measure, and came out with a very long, narrow quilt. I ended up cutting it in half, and sewing the two sections together to make this. I quilted it about 2 weeks or so ago; a friend did part of it under direction as she is trying to learn the long-arm machine. I used the Circle Lord Giant templates - my favorite spiral. I really like the look of all those curves with the straight columns. The binding still needs sewn down, but Hurray! there are people in the guild that LIKE to turn binding and they are on the charity quilt committee. This one will be donated through my guild to the local children's hospital. They are always looking for quilts suitable for teen boys. They never seem to receive enough of those.

The rest of my week will be spent preparing for and celebrating DGD#2s birthday. She is spending the day with me tomorrow, and then we will have the "big" party with the cousins, etc. on Sunday. Maybe next week I will be able to find more quilting - not just piecing - time. I sure have a pile of tops waiting.

Gratitudes: A loving husband who has a hobby that he is passionate about, so understands and supports mine. School has started!

Happy Quilting,

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Mary said…
I love the spirals on Chinese Coins quilts - I think I used them on at least 2 of the ones I did and I have another top made that will probably get them too!
Jackie Russell said…
I really like your chinese coins quilt (love the blue/green fabric). I have been wanting to make one on of these for a long time. The spiral quilting looks great!
Helen in the UK said…
Love the setting fabrics you've used with these coins. Really makes a great quilt :)

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