Not much sewing time / field trip

I lost 3 days of sewing time to a migraine - I hate those and how much of my time they take up! Friday DH and I had a field trip for just the two of us. We went to Columbia, (MO) for a postcard show. I had no idea that it is so much of a hobby, one that can be expensive as well. DH occasionally bids on postcards on eBay - ones that have pictures of scenes along the railroad he is researching and building a model of in our basement ( He asked someone that outbid him if he could have a copy of the postcard. They corresponded, so now we are searching out local shows for postcards as well.

We did have a bit of quilty time when we visited the LQS - I loved these pillowcases with the animals peeking out. I bought some frog fabric for one of the great nieces - and I think this type of pillowcase would be perfect for her room. I will help, but she will make it herself. My purchases were limited. DH found these two pieces of train fabric, so we picked up some of it - it isn't easy to find, so we buy it when we see it. I also bought a new set of E templates. I have worn out one set, and I am using the large triangle to cut the add-on pieces of the string X blocks I'm making out of HeartStrings Chinese coins.
These are the ones I started today. I plan to sash these, so it will look a bit like Hole in the Barn door when they are set. They are quite a bright group, no matter what the colors look like here.

This little bitty quilt is what else I worked on today(12"x15"). I had already made the top as leaders / enders, then put a bit of border on it. I quilted it today, and put the binding and the hanging corners on by machine. I'll finish turning it one of these evenings while listening to TV.
I hope you've had a quilty day as well.


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