RWB coins top #2 done - first

I finished the second top out of RWB coins from the HeartStrings group. It was indeed a lot of borders. I ended up adding another full border of coins, but wonder if I should cut off half of the last ones on the two sides. That would reflect the skinnier navy strips I used. The quilt is still a little wider than I would like, although it fits the measurements given on the Quilt of Valor Foundation website.

I ended up using most of a second group of coins that had about the same colors in it. I removed the darkest blue from them (don't worry, it will be used later), so I wouldn't have the "missing tooth" effect from them. They brought in more bright blue, which was a good addition.

After reading your comments on the other postings, I went ahead and used the other 2 skinny parts of the panel in the outer border - the flag and the watermelon. If you zoom on the picture, you can see little red ants crawling on the top edge of the watermelon. It reminds me of 4th of July picnics.

Let me know if you see your coins in the top. If I had thought it out better, I would have labeled each set. Now I have to rely on you to let the group know if you see yours. This one will head toward Colorado when I have it quilted. I imagine Alycia will have enough tops to keep her busy without adding these to her stack. I'm not as skilled as a lot of long-armers, but I can make swirls come out well. I welcome any ideas of what to quilt in the navy borders.



Mary said…
IT looks wonderful Becky - I'm sure you're quilting will be good too. I'd probably do a wavy line in the smaller border and a freehand star in the wider one but I'm sure whatever you choose will look great.

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