Personal goals for RWB coins.

I'm trying a new template color, as I thought the rose sides didn't go with the RWB theme of this blog. I hope you like it.

This picture is of the stacks of coins sent by HeartStringers. I've made some personal goals about creating quilts with these strips. Remember, I'm also a Stashbuster, so that is part of my goals.

1. Create as many different quilts out of these coins as my little brain can think up.

2. Use up as much as possible of this bin - the "Americana" bin, including the blocks and panels that are kept in here.

3. If I remove any fabric from the "stacks", I have to use it all - or cut it into strips for the scrap bins.

4. Nothing is to be returned to the stacks. I don't think I'll miss them.



Alycia said…
Wow - what a stack of coins. I love your goals. Love the quilts you are coming up with!
Ann said…
I'm enjoying watching your creativity with these coins, and got a special thrill when I spotted one that I had sent in your picture. Keep up the good work!
Helen in the UK said…
Loved seeing your goals for how to work with the coins. The new top looks great and I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come up with :)

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