More of the same

I worked some more on the second RWB coin quilt yesterday, and added some more rounds. The navy borders blend better than in the picture. The size is about 46 x 54, so I need to add another round, and to figure out a way to add length. The next navy border will probably be wider on the top and bottom, and skinny on the lengthwise ones. Right now I've used up all the coins from this particular group, but will be picking out some others that blend well.
You would think that they all would blend, but it isn't so. Some HeartStringers must tend toward the toned or greyed colors - the ones I call country blue and the like. Others (like me) have more of the clear tones. Some have already blended the strips with both tones and clear colors in them, like the ones in the first RWB quilt. It is really neat to see all the different varieties, and try to make them play well together.
For the life of me, I can't figure out why I'm making a quilt that is all borders - I hate adding borders! This top doesn't seem like borders because of the small size. So far my cutting table or ironing board have been big enough to lay the top out to cut the next borders. For the next one I will have to move to the breakfast nook (that's a misnomer - the table in there is larger than the one in the dining room where we never eat). I have my mother's drop-leaf table that ends up about 12' when all the leaves are in place. I use the method Bonnie ( ) describes to cut borders (I've also seen the same method in other books). Just lay them down the center of the quilt and cut them that length. They never seemed to come out right when I did it by measuring with a ruler or mat.
I hope the HStringers who contributed coin strips are happy with my progress. I'm so enjoying working with your creations. Thanks a bunch for letting play with your blocks!


Mary said…
Becky, I like this, I don't think it's too feminine or too juvenile either.

Can you add a row of stars across the top and/or bottom to add length? That's what I did on my Patriotic Rails quilt.
Kudos to your sweetie on the thread cabinet you shared on Stashbusters today. Absolutely beautiful! KalamaQuilts
Helen in the UK said…
Love what you're doing with this one too!! Great how you've incorporated parts of the picture panel into the coin borders. Interesting to hear how different the R/W/B coin batches can be in character. Keep up the good work - it's so fun to follow your progress in pictures and words :)

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