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Monday, March 31, 2014

Design wall Monday and other stuff

Finally, something new on the design wall. I found this pattern on the web and decided to play with a fat quarter pack from Robert Kaufman. There are also a few disappearing pinwheels in the churn dash pattern – I just can’t stop making those.

Most of the last several weeks have been spent working on kitchen cabinets at my sister / brother in law’s new home. It is a foreclosure and needs a lot of work. I do like working with wood, so I am refinishing all the kitchen cabinets. The face frames are all finished – they could start using them Sunday. I finished the drawers last night – I brought them home so I could work on them here. They started as dark as the inside of the deep one.
Now to tackle the 27 cabinet doors. I’ve started sanding the finish off a few, but am stripping the curved parts to maintain their shape. I did buy an attachment for the Mouse to get into small parts, so I may go back to sanding even the curves. It is a slow process either way.
I also finished these “boxes” for DH’s railroad. They go on the face frame and hold waybills.
Last item is the estate sale doll bed that I refinished. I will use it at the guild quilt show boutique to display doll quilts for sale. It fits my DGDs’ American girl dolls. It holds two dolls at a time. I want to make a single one as well – just to play with some wood.

My hands are complaining, so hope to finish soon and return to quilting. I do love, however, working with wood.
Happy Quilting,

Monday, March 3, 2014

DWM 3/3/2014 Quilter’s ADD

Getting ready for a retreat next weekend. This is my project as we will have a work on anything session with a certified Quiltworx instructor, Eileen Eubanek. I’ve cut my own jelly roll strips as this is to hang next to my Glacier Star on the stairwell. It will have a blue black as well.
I've been sorting UFO’s, seeing if I can kit some up for the Guild’s Boutique since I am in charge of it this year. I unearthed these, but I’m not ready to give up on them, yet.
What to do with these? I thought I would do the Iron challenge at Missouri Star Quilt Company so bought the charm packs. I thought I would do a fractured quilt from the Material Obsession’s book, but . . . .
I’m also cutting up some Dr Seuss fat quarters to make this quilt – I think. . . .
Can I make a table topper out of this orphan? It’s too much trouble to make these blocks . . . . I’m not sure what to do with the rail fence blocks, another UFO that didn't sell at last year’s Boutique.
This doll bed is an estate sale find. I hope to fix it up to display doll quilts on for sale at the Boutique. It is waiting for my wood finishing room to warm up as it is 1 degree F. outside today and the finishing room has no heat!
This is playing with a UFO that didn’t sell at the Boutique last year. These are miss-made blocks (they should have a red triangle at each ”end”) that should make a doll quilt. There are enough pieces left in the UFO to make a king-size Kansas Troubles. Maybe this little quilt will help someone buy it.
I did finish up repairing and labeling two quilts for a friend. This one appears to be from the 30’s – at least the fabrics are. It is a Snow Crystals set in Streaks of Lightning. All the quilting knots are on the outside, not buried.
Maybe this week I can get something finished – HA!
Happy Quilting,
Becky in very cold Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO)

Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Finish!

My last Scrap Squad project is finished – a king-size quilt for our bed. We haven’t had a “bedspread” on our bed in the entire 8 years we have been married. We had two quilts on our bed, one for me, one for DH. But without further ado – here’s what it looks like now:

Linda’s quilting:

It covers all of the mattresses:

Happy Quilting,

Friday, January 17, 2014

New use for a Scrap Squad quilt

Remember this quilt that I had so many problems making?

I even had trouble with the quilting because I used both a cotton and a wool batting. It ended up really thick and it doesn’t drape well. I had to block it to remove the “C” cups in the center of the star.

Enter the polar vortex. My chair is near the fireplace. We had such a cold draft coming in I put an extra outdoor thermometer there and it measured 42 degrees F. at the bottom vents. I took a quilt and wedge it up against the bottom vents, but later realized it was coming in the top vents, the door, the sides, etc.  I finally convinced DH that we had to do something and he looked it up on the net. We ordered a balloon for the flue and some magnetic vent covers. Magnetic? It sparked a thought – I hang quilts with magnets.

We measured the fireplace and I began searching for an appropriate size quilt, preferably one that already had a hanging sleeve on it. Viola! A nice, thick quilt that had been blocked to lie flat – against the fireplace doors.

Perfect fit!

Happy Quilting,

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Alert! Scrap Squad post and Give-away

QM_scrap-squadBThere’s a new post from a Scrap Squad 2013 member, Christa Marcotte, over at the Quilty Pleasures Blog. I love what she’s done with this wonderful pattern. There is also a great give-away there, so be sure and visit!
full shot 292x300 QM Scrap Squad: Christa Marcottes Oh Sew Blue…or Pink and Green!! Surprise January Giveaway :)
Happy Quilting,

Kaffe is Star Struck

I somehow managed to not blog about my 5th finish for Scrap Squad, a quilt I really like as I finally found luminosity.

This is from Carolyn McCormick’s pattern Star Struck, which appeared in Quiltmaker in Oct-Nov, I believe.

DH made acrylic templates for it down in the shop as the star points and even the central “diamond” were unusual shapes for which no commercial templates are available. I’m so fortunate that he can do this for me.

I quilted this one using the Circle Lord frame and a spiral circle, not my usual long boards. This way I was able to center the spiral in each diamond. I picked yellow thread (Superior So Fine, with Bottom Line pre-wound bobbins) for all the quilting, but have mixed feelings about how it shows on the black as I had starts and stops that I, at first, was not good at hiding. I did improve on this.

On a side note, my quilting friend, JoAnne, who made these quiltJoAnne feathered stars
JoAnne finished second Glacier starhad a house fire the night before Thanksgiving. She had smoke and water damage in her quilting room which included her machines, fabric, large collection of embroidery thread, myriad accessories and a stack of finished and nearly finished quilts and blocks. There was smoke in several quilts hung in her living room and hallway, including one that had hung in the Houston show. They have been able to reclaim most of the quilts (ozone treatment) and I soaked and re-ironed the feathered star top, above left. The good news is that there is insurance, but it involves a lot of decision-making about all the replacement items. I would not like to start over again from scratch. Thankfully her Bali Wedding Star and second Glacier star were both out to long-arm quilters.

You might want to take pictures of your quilty space, just in case you need a memory jog if you ever have to list the contents. Open drawers, doors, etc. and take lots of pictures and store them off site. If you are into embroidery, you might want to keep track of all the software kept in your computer in case a fire hose or wet ceiling falls in on it. Just saying. . . .

Happy Quilting,

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Design wall Monday 1-13-14

This is my final Scrap Squad project, back from my wonderful friend Linda Kriesel, who took pity on me and quilted this huge thing on her 14’ long arm. I love the panto – Bountiful Feathers, designed by Hermione Agee for Lorien Quilting. I managed to trim it on Sunday, and am working on the 550” of binding. I used a Quilters Dream wool batting so we might be able to turn over when sleeping under it. That may never happen, but at least we will have a “bedspread” for when guests are here.
On the design wall next to the piecing machines is this memory quilt I’m making for a friend. I’ve used it as a leader / ender all year and now it is time to put it together. The shirts are a poly blend, so I have to press it when the iron is turned down so it’s a bit of a PITA. I hope to have it ready for the quilting machine soon. It will have to be a freehand pattern so I can avoid buttons and pockets and such. I was going to include the front of some overalls, but they were just too heavy with the metal buttons, pockets and fasteners.

On the design wall behind Black Bart are some blocks I’m playing with. Did you see the Disappearing Pinwheel videos from Missouri Star Quilt Co.? I was downstairs trying to decide what to take to guild (leftovers from the Boutique at our quilt show) and happened upon the floral HSTs. I brought some upstairs in sets of 4 to play with and work up a bit of a lesson on contrast. (I don’t make or use HSTs where the bias is on the outside like in the video – I’m not good at controlling it).

The purple’s are great; so are the first two to the right of the purples. Then, although I love the fabrics in these HSTs, there is no contrast. I tried ripping them apart and used a lavender the same color/value as the lighter flowers in the black background fabric, with still a muddy pinwheel in the center, although up close it looks like a rush of flowers up the middle. The final one has enough contrast, but it does show how a big print doesn't work very well for this concept.

I love how you could make a churn dash so easily with this method. I made these after the first video and didn’t realize I had them turned “wrong” until the second video appeared. Now I’m cutting up some older fabric into squares to make into HSTs. I working for high contrast.

Happy Quilting,