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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Selling my Circle Lord items

Because I now have Intelliquilter installed and running on Black Bart - my Nolting 24" Pro longarm, I am selling all my Circle Lord items. The following are for sale. If you are in the Kansas City, MO area, I will give a 10% discount if I don't have to package and ship items. All prices are plus shipping.

I have the following giant templates that come in 3 interlocking pieces to fit various needs. All of these were sold to me as king-size, and I’ve never had a quilt larger than them even when I had a 14’ table. I’m asking $150 a set,plus shipping.

Zig Zag – does what I call wave and Ribbon quilting as well as a true zig-zag that you can use for crosshatching. You use either the waves or the zig-zags, not usually combining the two. 
14" wide boards 

This quilt was quilted with waves:

Cosmos – Funky flowers Sold pending payment.
15" wide Cosmos

The back of a quilt using Cosmos Boards

Basic Circle Lord set-up

 I’m asking $225 for the Basic Circle Lord set-up which includes the stylus and bracket. You need to look at the Circle Lord website to see if you can use the same one as a Nolting 24”. It includes the circle maker, stepping disk, squircles – everything but the wrenches on their website. http://circlelordbasic.blogspot.com/

Round templates to use on the frame: $50 each + shpg Spiral, Ovals, Starz, Aztec, Featherz and micro feathers (counts as one)

Quilted with Featherz template and Circles on basic set-up

12" spiral circle template with Circle Lord Basic Setup used to place spirals in exact place in each block.

18” Square boards used with the frame $55 each, + shpg. 1” cross hatching,  Sunburst. The center one, Cogs, has sold.

Quilted with stright sunburst (also has a wiggly one)

 I also have a push button that attaches to the stylus mount with a finger control you can run to the front of your machine. This one was made by my engineer husband and is not the one advertised on the Circle Lord website. 
The push button for raising the stylus from the front is $65 

If you are interested in purchasing any of these, please comment, or email me.

Happy Quilting,


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I remember why I don't like to prepare quilts for shows.

I hate blocking quilts, yet I know of no other way to have them hang straight - really straight - without doing it. I've had Just Beachy hanging for a week , but it didn't hang smoothly - how could it with all the fusible in it?

At my house this is what is entailed in blocking a large quilt:
Moving everything you can out of the dining room, bringing in a table and the appropriate size insulation boards

Of course you can't move everything so you have to work around them

Find the right batting for this configuration of boards, wet it with spray water and stretch it flat

Wash the quilt on handwash cycle and lug it in still wet

This color catcher has me worried

A gazillion rulers, pins, pulls, measures, a helpful engineer husband and 4 tiring hours of work

24 hours later it is dry, flat, and one block has run - I'm leaving it.
I hate the tremendous backache from doing this, but I need to look straight down on the rulers/quilt to get everything in the right spot.You have to do it all at once or the quilt dries out.

Now to do a final trimming of the borders, make binding and a hanging sleeve, then actually put them on, handsewing them down. I wanted to enter this quilt in the Greater KansasCity Regional Quilt Festival WHY???

Happy quilting,

Friday, April 17, 2015

Many Friday finishes

We added Intelliquilter to my longarm (Black Bart - a 24" Nolting Pro). In learning it I have finished up a LOT of small UFOs that I didn't remember existing. I used to make small quilts out of my scraps so I could remember the large quilt since I give so many away. These are my latest finishes:
St. Louis 16 patch, scrappy, charity quilt for teen-age boy

Quilted with IQ - QOV pattern

9-patches bought at Guild Boutique made into Sister's Choice blocks - baby quilt

Quilted way too densely with IQ swirls and Pebbles

24" x 18" HST sampler - first try at "Custom" quilting with IQ

All the designs came from the "from Helen"  file on IQ

Baby quilt made from HSTs - 6" bought from Guild boutique

Made it a "Sampler" of quilting patterns on IQ

Framed 9-Patches from Guild Boutique with Rosebud alternate squares

Working on SID with IQ and repeating patterns

20 year old pillow blocks quilted and finished - finally

Last quilt made with Circle Lord spiral frame and ruler work
Now I'm starting a wedding quilt for my DH's son. I need to finish it entirely before I go to MQS mid-May. 

Happy Quilting,

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Just Beachy is quilted!

I have shamelessly “borrowed” these pictures from Sue Daurio’s Blog http://suedaurio.blogspot.com/2015/03/just-beachy-fresh-from-frame.html This is my Just Beachy that I started with two other quilting friends about 10 years ago. We shared our batiks so we would have more variety. It is from a Karen Stone pattern, although I enlarged mine.

Karen had a unique way to make these blocks with fusible. You put fusible on a full square of fabric, then carefully cut out the pattern and then fused both parts to two other pieces of fabric. I used a lot of Steam a Seam, some original and some 2. Every edge is machine embroidered down. I used a variety of threads and stitches from my machine. I blogged about it here http://beckyquiltobsession.blogspot.com/2012/08/just-beachy-ready-for-borders.html  We had to put tear away stabilizer under each block including the sashing to keep them from bunching up. I have a few blocks left over – ones where I was trying techniques and didn’t like the result.

Sue Daurio has done a wonderful job of quilting this. I had meant to quilt it myself, but never was good enough at free motion to try it. It was a bear quilting through all that fusible for Sue. It is on its way back to me for binding and a hanging sleeve. Thanks, Sue.

Happy Quilting,


Friday, October 31, 2014

A bit more about the Halloween quilt

Close-ups of the embroidered star blocks:

The embroidery and hand coloring was done by my friend JoAnne several years ago. They were cut 7.5”, so DGD sewed coping strips of black on each one to bring them to 8.5” cut. I then added star points from various Halloween fabric / scraps. DGD picked these out. The top center green with skeletons glows in the dark.

The 4 other blocks were cut from a panel I bought up in Nebraska when visiting with Diane Harris. I added coping strips to bring them up to the odd size needed to fill in the sides. The spider webs with spiders that look like M&Ms filled in the top and bottom rows. I hate losing star points, so I added a small outer border cut on the straight of grain. This helps so much when long-arm quilting to keep things square.

This was the first time I successfully tried continuous curved quilting for the star points. I bought some HandiQuilter melon templates and they had an arc that I managed to make work with some consistency on the two sizes I needed – one for the star points and another for the flying geese centers of the stars. The rest I free-hand quilted, trying to use the embroidered blocks as a key to what shape to use. Most of them were spirals and I used spirals in the skeleton panel.
quilting from back
The quilting is hard to photograph on the busy Minkee-type backing. It was not difficult to quilt. I loaded it so that the selvages were on the sides to control the stretch. This meant more advances, but it didn't stretch.

I changed thread a lot. I used superior Highlights orange variegated in the stars, border and panel, but changed to black for some of the ditch work, then Bottom Line white for outlining the embroidery and filling the white. They were embroidered on “frost” fabric. I used light green Bottom Line pre-filled bobbins for all the quilting.

I would have never tried this type of quilting if I hadn't taken the Craftsy class with Kimmy Brunner on machine quilting with templates. Thank you for your great instruction.
Happy Quilting,

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween quilt finished in time for the day, 2014

DGD’s Halloween quilt is finished. Her mom held it up for a picture tonight. She will take it home tomorrow after coming here to Trick or Treat. I will hang it in my entry as a backdrop for handing out candy to the few visitors we have.
2014-10-30 19.36.28
She showed it off to her class (2nd grade) yesterday at the end of their party. They all loved the feel of Minkee on the back. JoAnne Glass did the machine embroideries that fill the center of the star blocks. They were colored after stitching.
Quilted with several different Superior threads, Thermore batting and Minkee backing. Ruler work and freehand quilting.
Happy Quilting,

Saturday, September 20, 2014

What I’m working on 9/20/14

After a year of mainly working on items for my Quilt Guild’s boutique and traveling I’m finally beginning to play a bit on quilting again. I just returned from AQS in Chattanooga so have regained some enthusiasm that I had lost with all the family illnesses and deaths.

DGD#2 was sick last Wednesday and I picked her up from school and took her to the Nurse Practitioner. She had to have a breathing treatment and she hates them. She did well, so as a treat we stopped at the nearby quilt shop. As we went in I confirmed her request for 2 fat quarters.

Just inside the shop they had this marvelous Halloween quilt made from the skeleton panel. I thought we should have a panel and some striped fabric. Jessica wanted some purple “bones” fabric. When I took them up to check out, Jessica explained that she needed another fat quarter as the two pieces I had weren’t hers. They get you every time!

We came home and immediately “had” to pull the Halloween basket and start auditioning fabrics. We found the 8 embroidered blocks that my friend JoAnne had gifted me and those “had” to be used. Jessica did some of the actual sewing, but then asked me to work on it. She watched while I made the first star block and was amazed that Grammy made a mistake and had to rip out a seam. She thought I didn’t make mistakes – NOT.

I’ve continued to work on the quilt at her request and this is where I am this morning.
skeleton quilt with Jessy
I need to go out and do yard work, so will wait to put a small border on it when I come back in. She wants “soft” fabric on the back so it will get a skinny border to stay within the width of the Minky-type fabric I already have. Now I have to clean off Black Bart so we can quilt this.
Happy Quilting,