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Design Wall - gifts from Africa

I've been very busy learning IQ on my Nolting - Black Bart. It's coming along, but there is much to learn.

I've also been working on the quilt pictured below. It took a lot of time as I "designed" it to make the batik panels from Africa stand out. I did Prairie points with beading on them. I sewed a necklace I received from a Nigerian seminary student on it as well. Handmade bone beads on that one. The panels were a gift to my sister-in-law from a student from Burkina Faso, a small country near Senegal. Most of the fabrics were from Africa as well, some I bought through AQS and some from the Quilted Fox in St Louis, MO. 

It was donated to Friends United - a group that works with students and teachers in Honduras to improve the education system. They had their dinner and auction last Friday night, and it was sold for $800. The buyer agreed to let me have it back for exibit in our next quilt show.

Happy Quilting,