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Selling my Circle Lord items

Because I now have Intelliquilter installed and running on Black Bart - my Nolting 24" Pro longarm, I am selling all my Circle Lord items. The following are for sale. If you are in the Kansas City, MO area, I will give a 10% discount if I don't have to package and ship items. All prices are plus shipping.

I have the following giant templates that come in 3 interlocking pieces to fit various needs. All of these were sold to me as king-size, and I’ve never had a quilt larger than them even when I had a 14’ table. I’m asking $150 a set,plus shipping.
Zig Zag – does what I call wave and Ribbon quilting as well as a true zig-zag that you can use for crosshatching. You use either the waves or the zig-zags, not usually combining the two. 
This quilt was quilted with waves:
Cosmos – Funky flowers Sold pending payment.

Basic Circle Lord set-up

 I’m asking $225 for the Basic Circle Lord set-up which includes the stylus and bracket. You need to look at the Circle Lord website to see if yo…

I remember why I don't like to prepare quilts for shows.

I hate blocking quilts, yet I know of no other way to have them hang straight - really straight - without doing it. I've had Just Beachy hanging for a week , but it didn't hang smoothly - how could it with all the fusible in it?

At my house this is what is entailed in blocking a large quilt:

I hate the tremendous backache from doing this, but I need to look straight down on the rulers/quilt to get everything in the right spot.You have to do it all at once or the quilt dries out.

Now to do a final trimming of the borders, make binding and a hanging sleeve, then actually put them on, handsewing them down. I wanted to enter this quilt in the Greater KansasCity Regional Quilt Festival WHY???

Happy quilting,

Many Friday finishes

We added Intelliquilter to my longarm (Black Bart - a 24" Nolting Pro). In learning it I have finished up a LOT of small UFOs that I didn't remember existing. I used to make small quilts out of my scraps so I could remember the large quilt since I give so many away. These are my latest finishes:

Now I'm starting a wedding quilt for my DH's son. I need to finish it entirely before I go to MQS mid-May. 
Happy Quilting, Becky