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Design wall Monday 6-23-13 Using it up

My scrap Squad project for the issue just out was posted on the Quilty Pleasures blog last Friday. If you haven’t seen it, please visit and sign up for the give-away that Quiltmaker is having.
In the article I wrote about all my difficulties with the points, and downsizing my size from a large lap to a baby quilt. I made an additional quilt, which is also small. The only “problem” is that I cut out enough “Recs” pieces to make the big quilt. I also had other left over components, mainly things that make the 4-pointed stars.So, long story short – I’m still working on using up the scraps.
# 3 A above

#3b and #3C above
I’m determined to finish this one up using up all the left-overs. The setting triangles are all different as there isn’t enough of any one fabric to make them the same, but that’s what ”use it up” means. I found the sashing fabric under the stack of blues – I don’t know exactly what color it is, but 1998 – 15 years is long enough for it to be well seasoned.I hope you are hav…
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If you haven't visited Quilty Pleasures Blog recently, be sure and check out the new dance craze video on it. It looks like fun!!

I'll be back to blogging in a more regular fashion in August. See you then!

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