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The real story of the mistake

You might have read my blog post over on Quilty Pleasures Blog about the Mandarin Express quilt I made in red, black and white for the scrap squad. In it I gave the illusion that I caught my mistake while it was a top. Not so. This is the picture I took of it for the blog:
Do you see it?  The offending section? Try the right end of the second row of stars . . . .Ah, now you see it. Note that it is entirely quilted, binding in place, and hanging for its final picture. I did not see this until posting it as the last picture in the Quilty Pleasures blog.
My DDH (double dear) was kind enough to Photoshop a correction of the quilt in time for me to meet my deadline.
This, however, is how the quilt was actually finished.

The first step was to carefully rip out the quilting, leaving as long tail as possible to each line. I was fortunate that all the edges here are turned under already. The hardest part was actually finding a stitch to start ripping out the piece. I now have increased my stitch l…