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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Quilting makes the quilt

Thanks for the nice comments about my QOV – plain, simple, instead of boring. I’m always amazed at the difference quilting makes. There is a book by Lee Cleland of this title, and I’m always amazed at the difference.


I put the lime green binding on this quilt at retreat, and received many oohs and ahs about it, nearly all about the quilting. The texture certainly changes the plainness. I had just about enough fabric left for a pillowcase. So, my adventure into modern quilting wasn’t a waste of time, it just shows that quilting is much more than just piecing.

I had a good time at retreat, but was also ready to come home. I missed my tall cutting table more than anything else. I bought a layer cake of some fun fabrics and made the blocks for one of those funny four patches that has the you tube video about it. The blocks didn’t turn out exactly square, so I will need to fix that. I just can’t make myself fudge that much. I also need to put them on a design wall so the colors are sorted around. Without one they seem to bunch up.

I’m also on a mission to finish using up all the extra fabrics from my DD’s wedding quilt, made in 2003. I cut a lot of small diamonds from left over 1 3/4” strips, so I made a few star blocks. I made a Carpenter’s block that was just 12”. I think it would be easier to make it by hand. Someone else made one that was an entire quilt top. I think my next one will have bigger diamonds!

Happy Quilting,


Monday, February 20, 2012

Design was Monday 2-20-12

I used a pattern out of a modern quilt book and pieced this top for a QOV. DH said it was dull (he knows better than to say ugly), I’m thinking boring. There’s 2 more rows over the back side of Black Bart. I have the wave Circle Lord templates on Bart, but I’m thinking this will need spirals to become un-boring. I would have started last night, but couldn’t find any backing in the stash for it. I’ll go by Linda’s house today and she thinks she has something that will work. I have a bunch of backings, but the only one to work with these colors is a cream piece, and we’ve been warned away from that with QOV. I guess I need to make a trip to FabriQuilt (it’s here in Kansas City) and pick up a bolt of generic backing for QOV. I did have a large bright blue piece that I usually use on them, but it wouldn’t go with this soft turquoise.  It’s a little large for QOV – should end up about 70 x 90 before quilting, but the Kansas ones are for a returning group, so maybe someone can use it at home. I couldn’t leave off a row because of needing odd numbers for the pattern. I can finish binding it at retreat and someone there is taking them on to the pick-up point for the March assembly for these fine soldiers.

I’m off to retreat on Thursday morning, as a day camper, through Sunday afternoon. I’m taking lots of stuff that doesn’t need much concentration. I hope I get one set of blocks to flimsy stage, but who knows. I hope there is table space to cut borders this year. I don’t do floors.

Happy Quilting,


Monday, February 13, 2012

Design wall monday 2-13-2012

Such a wonderful start to my day. Roses arrived from my DH – he always sends a day ahead as you receive the best roses then. I then opened my inbox, and there were more emails than I’ve ever received at once asking for a copy of a PDF file I made of paper-pieced houses. If you are here looking for them, they are now in the Yahoo group Stashbuster files.

I completed the components for the second “round” of the JN Lone Star, and I now like it. The dark second background brings out the center first star.

I have another ongoing project I could use your opinion on. I bought these old kaleidoscope blocks on eBay a long time ago. I took some of them apart and remade them a bit – only recutting the center part, leaving the second round and the corners alone. They started out, and are ending up several different sizes, from 8 to 9+ inches. In the picture the pink one lower right is one of the originals and you can see that it is very wavy. The others I have remade. I thought about setting them in circles, such as the ones with paper around them. I could use them all this way. I hate losing the secondary pattern of the 4 corners coming together, but I can’t think of another solution short of taking them completely apart and remaking them, which I really don’t want to do.  Any suggestions?

I had a fun “grandma day” yesterday. DGS (my one and only GS) called and asked if he could come over. I haven’t seen him much lately. We worked on a Turning Twenty lap quilt he started last summer. We took a field trip to Leavenworth, KS back then, and he bought some of the fat quarters we used for his quilt. He cut it out, did the piecing, helped load it on Black Bart and did the quilting. The only help I gave was pinning, pressing and turning the backing over the edge and sewing it down as binding. He talked me out of a piece of minkee for the backing. He wanted fleece, but I didn’t have any so showed him the minkee which he immediately cuddled. He later said that some of his friends might make fun of the plain yellow for backing, but they would “shut up” when they felt it. It is a cotton top, thin poly batting, minkee backing, quilted with Sew Fine on top, and Bottomline bobbins. We had NO thread breakage. We used the Circle Lord wave/Zig-zag boards.


Happy Quilting,


Sunday, February 5, 2012

The last of my quilting marathon of charity quilts

These are the last two strippy charity quilts for my January quilting marathon. The one on the right I had to redo every seam, then I added the borders. The small one on the left was good! Only the second one of the bunch that was ready to quilt as is. I had some Connecting Threads black and white fabric that made my eyes swirl and gave me a bit of vertigo that I knew I couldn’t use in large amounts. It worked well for the binding on these, and it used up most of that piece of fabric. I loved the mainly white fabric in the small one, it says moo, moo, all over it. I used red Sew Fine thread on these, and the Circle Lord Cosmos panto boards for the pattern. I thought about trying free motion, but since it was January 31st when I quilted these I thought done was a better choice. I used a Hobbs organic cotton batting that has been around a while, and these turned out very flat. They are in the wash now, and will hopefully plump up a bit. I don’t think I’ll try anymore of that batting. It was some donated batting, and I’m glad it’s gone.

I’m going to a guild retreat the last weekend of the month, and I want to work on my Judy Niemeyer star quilt there. I need to finish cutting out the extension part that turns the wall hanging into a queen size, so that’s the next project. I’m also taking my 3/8” hexagons to work on the center of the Susannah Howard quilt. I can work on those and talk, so it’s a good take along project.

Happy Quilting,