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Tuesday, January 31, 2012



I was sewing along, putting on binding, and kept hearing something bump. I reset the bobbin, and finally looked at the back of the machine. The green thread had fallen over on the power strip, so I set it back some, and sewed some more. It kept bumping, and I finally investigated. While the fly wheel (I think that’s what it’s called) was still on, I was pulling out the thread that was wrapped around until it broke. Then DH popped the cover off the wheel, and I was trying to cut and pull out thread, and it still wasn’t coming out very well. There is a large screw holding the wheel to the drive shaft – or whatever that’s called – and he gingerly tried  turning it – it worked – and the wheel came off. This is what it looked like when he took it off. That cone of green thread (Superior Sew Fine) had been nearly full. I usually use that thread on the Black Bart (longarm), but it matched the previous binding. Strong thread - it never broke until I  pulled too hard trying to remove it. Moral: Don’t set the thread you just used behind the machine, and then bind a big quilt that goes all over the table, knocking the thread over. What a mess.

At this point is was easy to pull it all out. DH put it back together, and all is well. I just thought you would enjoy this picture. I hope your day is going better than mine!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Design wall (machine) Monday–1-29-12


These are part of what I’ve done this week. The “Shirts and Pants” quilt that I bordered, and a Strippy with Diego are finished. My DGD#2 was here all week (sick) and she told me that Diego was definitely a boy quilt, not a girl quilt.

I have a love affair with spiral quilting. I did it on all three of these. I was going to do a pantograph on the bottom one, but after I started I didn’t like it so ripped it out and used the spirals. This bottom quilt was one of the 42 x 72 strippys that I decided to add borders to bring it out to a better size. There really is light brown and green in the main print. I had a hard time coming up with border fabric for it out of my stash. I hope to trim and bind it later today.

I have 2 more tops ready to load on Black Bart. They are fun ones – red, black, and white. I resewed seams and added borders to one, the other only needed pressing as I will leave it kid size. I have one more that I pulled to work on. It needs all the seams resewn and then a border added. There’s still a few days left in January to meet my goal of 10 charity quilts. February will be back to the paper piecing Glacial Star.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Design machine Monday 1-23-12

Last year I offered to quilt some tops that were donated after the tsunami. Then shoulder stuff happened, then other things. To make a long story short, I’ve now started on them. I had expected tops ready for quilting, but since I don’t quilt for others, I guess I don’t have an appreciation for how some toppers prepare their quilts. I’ve done quite a bit of work on the few tops I’ve worked with, some of work at my own choosing.

I quilted some Heartstrings tops last, and sent them to Las Vegas for the VA hospital. Since I think they are still short, I was looking at this box of tops to see if I could add borders to some to make them large enough for VA needs. (I figure the Japanese quilters have taken care of the tsunami victims by now.)  I had navy fabric that worked with the first top, and there weren’t but a few tiny flowers in the strippy parts, so I added borders to it. The second top was obviously of kid fabrics, so I left it as is. It was the only one in the box that was nicely trimmed, all the seams were backstitched on the sides, and actually ready for quilting.


I do wish I had remembered that offering to quilt these also meant that I would have to bind them. So far these two are finished. The navy one has some white in it, and I used white binding as I’d used up all the navy, so I may try to tea dye it a bit when I wash it prior to sending it to the VA.

My DGD that is 5 was here playing when I had the quilts like this, and she had to say all the numbers, check out the numbers on the race cars, etc. It is definitely a kid quilt, but I think it could be male of female. We cleaned out a toy box, and all of the cars had to be retained for the DGDs.

I was fortunate to have a whole bolt of wide yellow muslin donated by  the sisters I quilt donation items for. It was donated to them, and they couldn’t use it. I washed pieces of it, and it is making a nice soft backing for these quilts. I decided that I needed to do some practicing of other long-arm skills with these, so for these first two (I loaded them both at the same time on one piece of backing) I tried a pantograph. I haven’t tried one for years since I struggle so, but I needed to give it a try again. I’ve always liked how other quilts looked with the Popcorn panto, so I tried it. It looks okay, but I had a lot of trouble with thread breakage, not the thread’s fault, but me spending too much time in the points and shredding the bobbin thread. I used So Fine on top, and Bottom Line pre-wound’s in the bobbin. I tried some Fil-Tec bobbins at first, but I was really having a hard time with shredding it, so changed to the Bottom Line. Those bobbins hold more anyway, so I don’t have to change them so often.


I’m now working on this top. I help a person with CP make quilt tops, and usually have to spend some time ripping and resewing some of her joins and seams to make the tops flat enough to quilt. This one was similar. A LOT of the seam allowances were turned the wrong way, and the block seams were pressed towards the white muslin sashing and were fraying badly, so the threads showed through the sashing. I’ve fixed all that, then decided that there might be a patient at the VA that liked horses, so since I needed to stabilize the edges before loading it on Black Bart, I added the border. This fabric was leftover from the backing I made for the last VA quilts, and was just perfect for the colors in this top. I’ve picked another top to work on with similar colors that can take added borders and then I will quilt the two at the same time on one piece of backing. I think I’m going to try free motion quilting this time, so I can add more quilting along the edges of the shirts and pants to keep them from fraying. I don’t want loose threads left on it.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Linda said . . .

Linda said I needed to update my blog. Okay, but there’s not a lot to say.

becky boyd's favorite things 2becky boyd's favorite things

This is the recipient with the two quilts I made for my friend. I made the little quilt for her DGD who is one day younger than my youngest. Her quilt is reversible.

2 70 donated tops quilted with CL swirls for VA hosp in LV

These are the two tops from a Heartstrings member that I finally quilted with swirls. They are now complete, and may have arrived in Las Vegas where they are part of the 300 needed for the opening of a VA hospital there. We can’t forget the vets. They have given so much for us.

I have some other donated tops on Black Bart now for quilting.

My big project right now is the finish work on the cabinets DH made to go above the computer desk we made last year. These are upper cabinets for me to store more of my office-type stuff in. I don’t actually have a desk except for the computer one, so I need more shelves to put stuff on. I’m still working on the Judy Niemeyer star as well.

Happy Quilting,