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Glacier Star with extension, or 488 geese later. . . .

The top is finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It needs a good pressing, then ?? I don’t know if I want to try to quilt it myself. I keep thinking of quilting designs, but I’m not sure I have the skill to carry them out. I don’t want to mess it up after 488 flying geese!If you look at the picture closely, it looks like the left side is brighter, almost like stained glass. It’s because of where it is placed in the living room, the only place large enough for the picture. Here’s the un-cropped photo. The DGK’s had moved all the furniture to the walls so they could build a fort. Works for me!  Happy Quilting, Becky

Here we sit like birds. . .

Other bloggers have cameras in bird nest boxes. I have a swallow nest under my deck. The babies have hatched, and are learning to fly around. They were flying under the porch (it’s 18’ to the ceiling), and we shooed them away last night. When DS and DGC were leaving, this was the scene on the ledge above the garage door. They sat there sleeping away while we tried multiple times to actually take a good photo. The flash didn’t bother them a bit.I tried to shoo them away, but they didn’t budge a bit. They make an awful mess on the concrete around their nest; I didn’t want the garage doors to end up the same way. I lost.Becky

Design wall Monday 6-4-2012

I’m working on assembling the 4 corners now. As you can see on the table, about half of the components are finished, and I’m constructing the others as I go along to keep from putting the wrong flying geese panels in places.I angled this picture to see how it is going to look when turned. When I was planning the extensions, the instructor and I discussed what it would look like with the same border fabrics in both the center and extension. The black/blue was a no brainer to repeat as they never touched. We identified that the outer border would touch in the centers, and she said that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I just looked at one at that is made this way, and I think it will be all right, but it seems that the last rounds of flying geese just starts out of the border instead of looking like it is behind it, as in the center portion. I guess it is another hmmmm moment. If I can keep the DGKs well this week, maybe I can finish the top. I’m planning various ways of qu…