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Center finished

Glacier Star center from the pattern by Judy and Brad Niemeyer.Now for the nearly 300 flying geese for the extension corners that turn this on point and makes it about 96 inches square. I’m wishing I had used a lighter fabric for the center star. The quilt is brighter in person.  I don’t think there will be a next time.Happy Quilting,Becky

Design wall Monday 3-26-2012

I’m continuing to work on the Glacier Star – by Judy Niemeyer. You can see by the white what seams I have left – One set in corner and 3 Ys. I do like it now – the color of this picture isn’t the best. The center background that I hated was toned down by the addition of the near black and the darker middle background. As suggested, I changed out some of the geese in the last round and added more blue, which shows up better when the room is in daylight. I still have the four corner extensions that turn this into a queen. There are about 252 flying geese in the border of those, which are quite boring for me. My DFF that is finished with hers, said to just put on some good music, get into the zone, and make them. There will be even more of the blue geese there. I’m so slow on this as I have been proofreading my DH’s book for the 4th, and hopefully the last time. He had purchased Ancestry for use looking up George Mansfield (the father of 2 –ft Narrow Gauge Railroads), and yest…