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Not much quilting, all gardening

Don’t worry if you see few blogs from me. It is time to separate perennial flowers, especially iris and hostas.  I’m spending most of my energy outside when the weather cooperates.  Some of the plants were put in when we first moved here in 2005 – they are complaining about the tight quarters. I’ll check back in after the plants are happy in their new homes. I have some help, so I need to take advantage of it when it is available.Happy Quilting,Becky

No design wall

The last two weekends it has been spring. No so in between. Yesterday I spotted these daffodils trying to bloom. I have been working in the yard (flower beds) during the good days. No sewing. Saturday my daughter came to help. It was a good thing. I was working in the sun, even though it was only in the 50s, and I managed to have one of those heat exhaustion things. I was taking rest breaks; I was drinking water. Evidently not enough. I will have to look up side effects of the new meds they gave me. Yesterday (Sunday) it was 82 degrees. I drank 4 times as much as the day before, only stayed out 2-3 hours, and did okay.Today is the above right picture. The rain has finally stopped, and a bit of blue is trying to come into view, but it is windy and 42. My muscles say it is a rest day. DGD#2 is here, with a cold, and wanting to go outside. No, nobody goes out today. Wednesday, the next she is here, it is supposed to be warm and sunny, so maybe I will be able to clean out these flowerbeds…