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Design wall Monday 2-28-11

This was a weekend of UFO finishes. The fall Chinese coins are finished. I worked on the binding at quilt retreat mid Feb, and found that 2 others were working on the same quilt, but were following the pattern closer than I ever could. I didn’t take another picture of this one. I’ve seen it enough. That is my #6 UFO finished for Judy’s challenge – only a month late.The next finish was this lap quilt pieced by my friend with CP. I added the border, quilted and bound it. I let her pick from my fat quarter stash, and she picked some of the fabrics I didn’t really want to let go of at the time, but didn’t say anything. It is so much better to seem them finished in a quilt instead of languishing in a bin, hidden away.The red and white above it is a top I loaded on the LA – someone else’s UFO purchased off eBay. It’s a trip around the world with a lot of turkey red and what we call 30’s fabrics. I’ve seen repros of the fabrics, but these are the real thing. It’s todays quilting project.This…

Design wall Monday 2-14-11

Design wall Monday, is actually “gather things for quit guild retreat” Monday. Retreat starts on Thursday, and, of course, I need to take about 5 million more things than I will need.The Chinese coins quilt is quilted, binding machined on, ready for turning by hand. I figure this will be good for when I’m tired of the sewing machine. The middle picture includes 2 UFOs that are my #10 for Judy L’s challenge. I cut all the pieces out, and expect to bring them home ready to be quilted. The third picture is of a quilt of AM’s – the backing is in the dryer, then I hope to put it on the frame and quilt it tonight or tomorrow. Then I can add the binding, and take it along, too, for handwork.I feel like Ann Champion’s vintage top day with this next picture. This is another UFO from my Grandmother’s things. She died in 1968; Mother gave them on to me in 1998. This was about 7 rows long, and twice the width that you now see it. Awhile back, I decided that I would never finish it in that state, …

UFO #6 to flimsy

This is the second time I’m trying to post, so we’ll see if it works.First, the weather report. Blizzard conditions, with blowing and drifting. It is blowing sideways, so the deck on the back stays clean, but the porch in the front drifts. Hopefully it will end so we can be plowed out tomorrow. I told my DH not to have a heart attack, as we wouldn’t be able to get any help here. He agreed not to.UFO #6 is to a flimsy state. I hope I can quilt it and finish it this month (Feb). My UFO #10 is further along than this was was, so I may be able to do so.Happy Quilting, Becky