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Design wall Monday 1/24/11

Thank you, thank you all that commented for your help in deciding how to set these coins. I had not planned to put the yellow next to the coin strips, but several people suggested it, so I tried it and I really like how this is turning out. I don’t usually make strip-pieced quilts. I usually make a lot of blocks, then procrastinate about putting them together. This time I have all the strips made and it seems like there is no progress, until today when all of a sudden it is looking half done. The coins on the left of the strip are the second border.I did take a close-up of the waiting strips to show that it isn’t really all black fabric in the scrolls. It’s a grey blue green design with a black background.This is my #6 UFO. I probably won’t finish it this month, but if I get it to a flimsy , I’ll be happy.Happy Quilting,Becky

Is this bright enough?

This is my #6 UFO – fall Chinese coins. Since they are so dark,  I thought I would brighten it up with a gold yellow. It will hang above the pineapple blossom, which contains a lot of yellow. The scroll will be a bit narrower after sewing – right now the center strip is sewed, but not the two dark side pieces. I also saw a picture of a saddle blanket setting, made with sawtooth stars. I could do that instead but I’ve wanted to try this scroll since I first saw it. What do you think????Becky

Another UFO finish

I gave away all the placemats and table runners that I finished in time for Christmas, but I also wanted to make us some for the breakfast nook. I finished binding them today, so took some pictures. I used the colors in the stained glass in them. Our placemats reflect some of our eating habits. I love to eat fruits and vegetables, DH can eat a whole package of Oreos in a day unless I hide them from him. I really wanted to make his out of the M&M fabric, but used it to quickly make placemats for my stepson’s family, and since I’m not buying ANY fabric, this had to do. I love my stained glass. There are two more windows that angle back (it’s a very large bay), and I plan to have more of these panels made for them this year. They will be the same as the red one in the middle. There is more purple in these windows, but they look more blue when it is cloudy like today. If they weren’t snow-covered, you could also see stained glass post covers out on the deck. I don’t recommend those to…

design wall Monday 1/10/2011

It’s snowing in Kansas City. This is the view out the deck door from the kitchen. No DGD today, no guild tomorrow. When the schools have a snow day, guild is cancelled.This is my table runner from the scraps of the Christmas gifts. My placemat is out of a mixed fruit fabric that is only included in the right star. DH’s is out of the Oreo fabric, so I put a small border of it. The purple in the setting triangles was included because the stained glass windows in the breakfast area contain this color, as well as red and amber. This will be on Black Bart today.UFO #6 is on the wall. I think I am avoiding it, cleaning up the room some. I tried a dark green strip next to the 4th column to use instead of black, but it does disappear against some of the fabrics, so black will be needed. I’m using yellow for the scrolls. Hopefully I will have some progress on this UFO during the snowstorm.Time to finish here and start doing something!Happy quilting,Becky

design wall Monday 1/3/2011

In an effort to not create any more UFOs, I decided to work on the last of veg/fruit fabric and finish up DH’s and my placemats and table runner. I didn’t have much of the fabrics left, and trimmed them up into mainly 2-1/2” strips. I had purchased Marti Michell’s strip templates, so decided to use them to make up LeMoyne stars for the runner. I cut 3, one is finished. I will put the placemats and runner on Black Bart(LA) together when I finish the runner.Also in this picture is a pot holder made last night with DGD#2, aka “Little Girl” helping pick the colors. We made one for her Mommy for Christmas, and DD was very happy. I used Stashbusters ListMom’s directions, so these are nice and big. I cut enough Insulbright and batting to make a few more – kind of like having kits, and just having to pick the fabric out of the scraps bin. These are leftovers from the Crayon quilt top.For Judy L’s UFO challenge, #6 was these fall-colored Chinese Coins. It was probably good that I put this o…