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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm still here, camera isn't

This is a picture taken at Bonnie Hunter's Cathedral Stars class for the Greater Kansas City quilt Guild. I'm on the left side of Bonnie in the black shirt. We had lots of fun razzing Linda (bottom left) about having a handful of brownie in the picture! This is the last known appearance of my camera. I have gone through all of the items I took with me, and they've posted a missing alert to the people that were at the workshop. Maybe it will show up, probably someplace where I put it so I wouldn't forget it.

I have been busy, but mostly outside. I'm trying to prepare the deck railing for new paint, and at my speed (1-2 hours a day), it has taken a while. I was finally ready to start painting today, and it was supposed to start raining, and rain for the next 3 days. I hope the rain doesn't wreck my sanding job. I'll then have to let it dry out again, and hopefully get it painted before it rains again! It's a good thing it's only the railing. The builder put in a trex deck but cedar railings. It was supposed to be painted after 6 months (4 years ago), but the kid that did it missed a bunch! I'll paint it this time, but next time it needs it I'm calling the TREX people and having new rails put on!

I'll write more later when I find, or replace, my camera. DH has a wonderful camera, but I'm not very adept with it. I did, however, take a picture with it that ran in a (current) magazine about model railroads. The article says "Photos by the author", but all his RR friends are giving DH grief because my name isn't on the picture of him. Just for fun, I'll show you the picture.
I guess I should say that he set up the camera first, and all I did was point and shoot.
Happy Quilting, Becky