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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Waiting on my eyes

I haven't been sewing very much, waiting for my eyes to adjust after the first two surgeries. I have at least one more to go, next Monday. I decided I could sew on the Stashbusters Sunshine Ugly fabric challenge, since I will be able to discard blocks, if needed. The nine big (12") blocks on the left, and the two bottom right ones were all made before my surgery. I decided to make a few more 6" blocks to use in setting these whenever we finish with the big blocks. I'm sorry about the blurriness of the right picture, but - I'm working on it. I was able to make the 3 star blocks last week. I've always loved making stars since nearly my first quilting class, which was with Alex Anderson, teaching out of her Simply Stars book. I had tried several times prior to her class to make LeMoyne stars, but had pucker problems, even when making them by hand. I learned how to make them by machine from Alex, and have loved them since then. I try to incorporate at least one star in every quilt I make, even if it is on the back for a label. So here are three stars - Sawtooth, Ohio, and LeMoyne for the ugly fabric sampler. If you aren't in Stashbusters, the challenge is to use a fabric you think is ugly as the focus fabric, then try to add yellow and orange into every block. My "Ugly" is the fireworks print - I like the fabric, but this colorway is very toned. I really like brights, so I thought this toned fabric would be a good challenge. I'm using several yellows and oranges, so will see if I can manage to put some in nearly every block.
I also made it down to the quilting machine for a while and quilted a small charity quilt. It turned out okay, but I think I need to wait for the right glasses after the eyes finish healing if I want good results. The "pond scum" in my left eye is still quite a distraction, so I'll be glad to have it cleaned out next week.
Happy quilting,

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Road trip to Nebraska

I attended the Nebraska sew-in with HeartStrings efriends last weekend. It was so great to actually meet and converse with the people from the list. They were just as delightful in person as they are on the list. We had a lovely time. On Friday we went to Quilt Museum for a docent tour, and were able to see the Chintz exhibit and the quilts of Grace Snyder. The petit point quilt is just amazing, as well as the hexagon quilt with about 66,000 hexagons. Such awesome work.
After the museum,we did a bit of Shop Hopping. It seems like it's been forever since I did that. I decided even though I am working on not buying, that I could spend a bit of money this time. I have decimated my blues - especially navy and lights - for the Quilts of Valor. I was able to find some that will work. I had recently ordered the two purples in the second picture, but added the ones above it. They are graduated in four values - and for a specific pattern I want to make. The fat quarters are from the Quilted Kitty. They were having fat quarter Friday, and 10 FQs were $10. I couldn't pass up these Laurel Burch ones. The funky striped piece is for binding. I love the look of stripes in bindings.
Monday I had my first eye surgery to exchange the intraocular lens (IOL) from a ReStor lens to a regular one. It is amazing how much more light comes through this lens. I still have some haziness - you can see it in the cornea - but I have high hopes of actually seeing well with the new lens. I'm scheduled for the next one on this coming Monday, but may postpone it if the haziness hasn't cleared up yet. My body really makes a lot of scar tissue, so I'm waiting to see what it does in my eye. I really want to make a "masterpiece quilt", and I can't when I'm about 1/8th inch off on points. I made up a Ugly Fabric Sunshine block yesterday, and was able to match the points, so I am very hopeful. I'm quite impatient for the results, but it takes about 6 weeks to see the final result. I'm not a good waiter.
Happy Quilting