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doll beds and quilts finished!!

The doll bed on the left is the one my father made my daughter about 27 years ago. It is in the rocking position. The beds have a mattress support that slides on 4 dowels, so little ones can change it from stationary to rocking cradle just by flipping the bed. Believe me, this is used a LOT! This bed now belongs to dear granddaughter (DGD) #2. I made a new mattress for it to match her nursery for her birthday in August. For Christmas I added the patchwork pillow and quilt.

The 2 beds on the right are the reproductions that my husband and I made. The middle one is for DGD#2, the far right one is for DGD#1. She will also be receiving the doll cradle that I wrote about the last posting. If you are wondering why they will have 2 each, one is for leaving at Grandma's house as they play dollies here a LOT! I will let them choose which one goes home and which one stays here. They will also be receiving My Friend Mandy dolls purchased from eBay. My daughter brought over the …

Doll cradle #2 finished

To the left is Granddaughter #1's (4 y.o.) big bed quilt. When I finished it I had cut offs that were all different sizes. I kept sewing them to each other, ending up with a long strip of 1-1/2" pieces. I sewed them to the sage green strips (leftovers from the borders), and made simple rail fence blocks. They sat in a box as a UFO until a little bit ago. Now they are the pillow and quilt for the new doll cradle Santa will bring. There were enough left to make one other small quilt, so it will be used as well. Tomorrow the polyurethane should be dry on the doll beds DH and I made, so they will also have to mattresses, quilts, and pillows. More pictures tomorrow. Happy Quilting and a Merry Christmas, Becky
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One down, many to go

My dear friend and I each bought one of these cradles for our granddaughters at a recent craft fair. She doesn't quilt, so I made her DGD the mattress, quilt, and pillow needed for dolly bedtime. The fabrics match curtains, quilt, window seat cover, and pillows I made for her nursery. We are meeting these friends tonight for an outing, so I will deliver them. It feels really good to be all the way finished with one person, even though there are plenty more to finish. We used the circle lord small spiral that comes on the star disk to quilt the center of each block. It left the corner seams a bit "poochy", so I also quilted along the seam lines, so now it lays flat and meets with my approval.

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Santa's helper busy, busy

Santa's workshop is at my house. I have been busy downstairs in the shop "helping" with DH's desk project for the railroad, and making doll beds (2). I'm using a pattern drawn off a bed my father made for my daughter. It feels really good to be making something that he had made. I start the staining tomorrow, and will post pictures when they are finished. I've started on the mattresses and quilts. The one on the left is from left-overs of left-overs from DGD#1 baby quilts and then big bed quilts. The color is off - it is a softer lavender. I quilted it by trying Dawn's "daisy" from her DVD. I really need to figure out how to add a link, but not tonight. It is very nice to have the Nolting on the new table and working so well. Now if the operator would guide better I could have some great quilts. Learning curves - ugh.

I don't know how purse making blossomed. DD brought over a pair of DGD's hand-me-down jeans to see if I could fix …