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Beachy at the quilt show.

Just Beachy is home – to stay, after being in the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival. (edit - I misspoke Just Beachy is going to Des Moines for the AQS quilt show the end of September!) I couldn’t get a picture without someone in front of it as the attendance was so large. Hurray! I took two classes, Feathers with Jamie Wallen and Dot to Dot with Angela Walter. I also did a 4 hour volunteer shift although I gave up a bit early.

I received favorable comments from the judge, but with such noted quilters (winners at AQS shows) such as Miriam Reed, JoAnne Web and Janet Stone in the local guilds, simple quilters like me didn’t have a chance for ribbons. I don’t mind; I’m just glad that Beachy was shown.  Beachy can now hang proudly in my living room.

A better picture of Beachy, and one of me.

Happy Quilting,