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Wedding quilt - Labyrinth

We are just back from California where we attended DH's son's wedding. It was beautiful. It was held in the rose garden in the L.A. Arboretum. We had send other gifts, but this one I delivered in person.
This is from the pattern "Labyrinth" - we had the designer as a speaker at guild a year or so ago. I bought the pattern then. I quilted it with my new IntelliQuilter on Black Bart. I purchased a pattern designed especially for this pattern by Nancy Haake from Wasach Quilting
This was the first time I actually SID'd the entire quilt before I started filling in the quilting. The sections were so large I had to move it a lot to get them all in. I had to change one pattern to P2P triangles on the large grey box - I couldn't divide the one in the pattern without a lot of starts and stops. It turned out well - but I sure learned a lot about what I didn't know in IQ. I was rea…