Selling my Circle Lord items

Because I now have Intelliquilter installed and running on Black Bart - my Nolting 24" Pro longarm, I am selling all my Circle Lord items. The following are for sale. If you are in the Kansas City, MO area, I will give a 10% discount if I don't have to package and ship items. All prices are plus shipping.

I have the following giant templates that come in 3 interlocking pieces to fit various needs. All of these were sold to me as king-size, and I’ve never had a quilt larger than them even when I had a 14’ table. I’m asking $150 a set,plus shipping.

Zig Zag – does what I call wave and Ribbon quilting as well as a true zig-zag that you can use for crosshatching. You use either the waves or the zig-zags, not usually combining the two. 
14" wide boards 

This quilt was quilted with waves:

Cosmos – Funky flowers Sold pending payment.
15" wide Cosmos

The back of a quilt using Cosmos Boards

Basic Circle Lord set-up

 I’m asking $225 for the Basic Circle Lord set-up which includes the stylus and bracket. You need to look at the Circle Lord website to see if you can use the same one as a Nolting 24”. It includes the circle maker, stepping disk, squircles – everything but the wrenches on their website.

Round templates to use on the frame: $50 each + shpg Spiral, Ovals, Starz, Aztec, Featherz and micro feathers (counts as one)

Quilted with Featherz template and Circles on basic set-up

12" spiral circle template with Circle Lord Basic Setup used to place spirals in exact place in each block.

18” Square boards used with the frame $55 each, + shpg. 1” cross hatching,  Sunburst. The center one, Cogs, has sold.

Quilted with stright sunburst (also has a wiggly one)

 I also have a push button that attaches to the stylus mount with a finger control you can run to the front of your machine. This one was made by my engineer husband and is not the one advertised on the Circle Lord website. 
The push button for raising the stylus from the front is $65 

If you are interested in purchasing any of these, please comment, or email me.

Happy Quilting,



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