Design wall Monday 3/4/2013

I've been working on my Scrap Squad project almost exclusively.QM_scrap-squadB
I didn't realize when I signed up for this how frustrating it was going to be to not let other bloggers see the work in progress. I know that many of you were eager to see each step of my Glacier star. It’s nice to write the whole story for the Quilty Pleasures blog, but not the same as weekly updates. The link I just left is for Anne’s Majestic Garden to see what she did with the double X blocks. It is neat to see what everyone does with the project.
I thank those of you who left advice on alternate blocks last week. I ended up using 2 of them. I couldn’t resist making a few stars for the project, so the star ones ended up in the outside rows, similar to border blocks. I also used up some components I made and didn’t use in the main blocks to brighten up that center which had been too dark. These are now in the top. I have two more rows of blocks to put together, then on to borders this week.

I do love those swirls. This will be a bit darker quilt than I usually make, but I love it – oh, maybe I’ll keep this one for me. Fat chance with all the red, white and black lovers in this family.
Happy Quilting,


Mary said…
Red and Black with a little White to make those stars pop. Lucky you to be on the Scrap squad! I know how you feel, I tested Blocks for QM the Volumes 5 and 6 of QM 100 Blocks. It' ashard to NOT share!
Chris said…
I love your colors in these blocks.
Julianne said…
I love these blocks
Dayquilt said…
I got here from stashbusters - how exciting to "meet" one of the scrap squad! I would LOVE to be a scrap squad member, but it's not in the cards just now. Jenny in MA

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