I’m creating a new quilter

Last Wednesday I was ready to bind my Scrap Squad project. I planned to use blue diagonal striped fabric for it. There it was on the shelf in plain view, I thought.
Oh, no, it’s black, not blue, and I didn’t put enough black in this quilt to get by with it. Okay, let’s find something else. I went to the stripes box, and the Americana box, and all I found was these two slightly less than half a yard pieces of regular stripes. Cut on the bias, that would be an awful lot of joins for this 72” square quilt, if it would even yield enough. I didn't want it to have straight across stripes.

The blogs had been advertising visit your local quilt shop day, so that’s what I decided to do. I pick up DGD#2 on Wednesdays, so I picked her up from school and asked if she wanted to go to the quilt shop with me. Well, what she really wanted was a kiddy frosty from Wendy’s, but then we could go to the quilt shop. After our Wendy’s stop, she began asking me if she could have some fabric. I said as usual she could have one fat quarter. Okay, you know from the frosty part of the story that this Grandma’s a soft touch. This is what we came home from the quilt shop with:IMG_2111
One piece of striped blue fabric for the binding, and 4 fat quarters with hearts on them – in her OWN bag. Those ladies sure know how to make sure we return! We even made one block before it was time for swimming lessons.
Happy quilting,
Becky (and DGD#2)


Kath said…
Your fabrics are very pretty DGD, I am looking forward to seeing what you make!

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