Design Wall Monday–progress report

Batting hung out on long arm for the night to “stretch out”; backing cut, squared, washed in Synthrapol; top finished, pressed, ready to go. Circle Lord Spirals on Black Bart – it’s time to QUILT the Scrap Squad project!


Kath said…
I see I have something to learn here. I have never washed my backing, is that important. I am wondering- "squared" is that where you cut it into a square? How do you manage such a large piece of fabric?
Sorry, so muany questions..
Sylvia said…
I am looking forward to seeing how you quilt this one!
Anonymous said…
excellent! Looks like a wonderful project, I loaded a quilt on my frame only to realize that my batting was too small. I will have to get to the store when the snow stops. Can't wait to see it quilted!

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