Design wall Monday 10-29-12

halloween medallion 2 being blockedMy design wall today is actually a quilt blocking surface. DH and I went to Home Depot and bought some 3/4”  dense foam insulation to use as a blocking surface. I laid some batting on it, and then pinned my Halloween medallion on it. Several years ago DH bought me my own laser level so I could have a straight line to pin against. It’s not a perfect set-up, but it beats anything else I ever tried.

I quilted the medallion with my Cog 18” Circle Lord template, and then tried to put 3/4 cogs in the corners.  I hate that you have to work the CL from the back of the machine, because it is almost impossible to backtrack without looking right down on the stitches. They make a CL that works from the front of the machine for APQS, but not for Nolting. I wish they would work on one for Nolting, but I don’t think there is much demand. I’m hoping engineer DH will come up with something when he has time to think about it.

I did do one more little thing, a journal cover out of the scraps from DGD#1’s Turning Twenty. There was a little pile of strips cut from the edges of the fat quarters. I used Wanda’s at Exuberant Color tutorial for it.
Happy Quilting,


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