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Design wall Monday

A bit of carpal tunnel surgery has slowed my piecing endeavors, sew I had a little help.

DGD#1Is making her first large quilt. We are using the turning twenty pattern that makes such a good first project. Can you tell she likes pink?

I had to fondle a bit of fabric. I ordered a colorwash batik kit from Wanda at Exuberant Color. I had to look at her picture a lot, but it is finally in “ like-able” positions. I am amazed at the batik collection she has. She said to add from our stash, but I only could find about 4 fabrics to add. Mine is pitiful, mainly mediums. I really liked playing with this.

Happy Quilting,

Design Wall Monday, but not my work

Since this was a rest week from vacation, I didn’t do any sewing for myself. I did, however, help my friend load a quilt and quilt it on Black Bart. She does an exceptional job of machine embroidery, and these giraffes are simply adorable. She used a plush fabric for the back, and I love how the quilting shows on it. We used Superior So Fine for the top, and Bottom Line in the bobbin, both white. It just disappears into the applique as it was a plush fabric as well. We used the Circle Lord Cosmos boards on it.

Happy Quilting,Becky


I haven’t blogged recently because we have been away having fun. We went to Seattle a few weeks ago, in time for me to view the Pacific Northwest Quilt Show. It was wonderful. DH found the car museum nearby. I was amazed at the volume of quilts, and especially all the art quilts. There was some awesome work. I saw some I had already seen in Des Moines last year (AQS) and at MQS. I especially inspected the Glacier Star quilts to glean ideas for how to quilt my Glacier Star.

Marsha McClosky was there, and it was delightful to see all her feathered star quilts, one of my favorite patterns.

Saturday of that week found us with friends embarking on my first ever cruise to see Alaska, one of my bucket list items. We saw Juneau, Ketchikan, Tracy Arm Fiord, Skagway, and Victoria. I enjoyed each place. We took a long train / bus ride along the trail of the Klondike Gold rush and were amazed at the perseverance of those who WALKED it.

We arrived home last Sunday, and this week has been mostly a d…