The last of my quilting marathon of charity quilts

These are the last two strippy charity quilts for my January quilting marathon. The one on the right I had to redo every seam, then I added the borders. The small one on the left was good! Only the second one of the bunch that was ready to quilt as is. I had some Connecting Threads black and white fabric that made my eyes swirl and gave me a bit of vertigo that I knew I couldn’t use in large amounts. It worked well for the binding on these, and it used up most of that piece of fabric. I loved the mainly white fabric in the small one, it says moo, moo, all over it. I used red Sew Fine thread on these, and the Circle Lord Cosmos panto boards for the pattern. I thought about trying free motion, but since it was January 31st when I quilted these I thought done was a better choice. I used a Hobbs organic cotton batting that has been around a while, and these turned out very flat. They are in the wash now, and will hopefully plump up a bit. I don’t think I’ll try anymore of that batting. It was some donated batting, and I’m glad it’s gone.

I’m going to a guild retreat the last weekend of the month, and I want to work on my Judy Niemeyer star quilt there. I need to finish cutting out the extension part that turns the wall hanging into a queen size, so that’s the next project. I’m also taking my 3/8” hexagons to work on the center of the Susannah Howard quilt. I can work on those and talk, so it’s a good take along project.

Happy Quilting,



Connie said…
Your quilts look great, love the way the red sets them off! I know what you mean about some fabrics that can drive you crazy to work on!
I so know what you mean about certain fabrics that make your head swim when you see large blocks of it! Binding is a perfect use of it :) These are terrific charity quilts.....lot's of pop!
Bonnie said…
Done is great. And, these are for charity -- extra stars across your forehead! LOL. I definitely need projects that I can sew and talk at the same time at retreats. I enjoy them but I don't always get a lot done. Sigh.
Dar said…
I love your charity quilts. What size are they after adding borders? They will make someone very happy.
Mary said…
Great color combinations. I don't add borders to mine but then I always use kiddie fabrics so the size works for me.

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