Design wall monday 2-13-2012

Such a wonderful start to my day. Roses arrived from my DH – he always sends a day ahead as you receive the best roses then. I then opened my inbox, and there were more emails than I’ve ever received at once asking for a copy of a PDF file I made of paper-pieced houses. If you are here looking for them, they are now in the Yahoo group Stashbuster files.

I completed the components for the second “round” of the JN Lone Star, and I now like it. The dark second background brings out the center first star.

I have another ongoing project I could use your opinion on. I bought these old kaleidoscope blocks on eBay a long time ago. I took some of them apart and remade them a bit – only recutting the center part, leaving the second round and the corners alone. They started out, and are ending up several different sizes, from 8 to 9+ inches. In the picture the pink one lower right is one of the originals and you can see that it is very wavy. The others I have remade. I thought about setting them in circles, such as the ones with paper around them. I could use them all this way. I hate losing the secondary pattern of the 4 corners coming together, but I can’t think of another solution short of taking them completely apart and remaking them, which I really don’t want to do.  Any suggestions?

I had a fun “grandma day” yesterday. DGS (my one and only GS) called and asked if he could come over. I haven’t seen him much lately. We worked on a Turning Twenty lap quilt he started last summer. We took a field trip to Leavenworth, KS back then, and he bought some of the fat quarters we used for his quilt. He cut it out, did the piecing, helped load it on Black Bart and did the quilting. The only help I gave was pinning, pressing and turning the backing over the edge and sewing it down as binding. He talked me out of a piece of minkee for the backing. He wanted fleece, but I didn’t have any so showed him the minkee which he immediately cuddled. He later said that some of his friends might make fun of the plain yellow for backing, but they would “shut up” when they felt it. It is a cotton top, thin poly batting, minkee backing, quilted with Sew Fine on top, and Bottomline bobbins. We had NO thread breakage. We used the Circle Lord wave/Zig-zag boards.


Happy Quilting,



Mary-Kay said…
Your grandson looks like he is enjoying his quilt. It certainly looks cuddly and warm. I bet he's right about his friends too. They will all want one so be prepared.
Kris said…
Your Lone Star is so fabulous. I love her patterns.

What a great time with your grandson. You are. Both lucky to be able to spend this time together.

Mary-Kay is right. All his friends will want one.
Bonnie said…
Wow flowers in advance .... smart hubby. The lonestar is looking fabulous. I need to go grab the paper pieced house pattern from Stashbuster. I'm still a member but don't read much there. Thanks for sharing.
Lucky you to receive presents in advance. I love your Lone star. Fabulous work.
Sue Daurio said…
what a nice guy to send flowers the day before so his sweetie gets the best ones! Sounds like a keeper. Love the JN quilt!!! Just gorgeous. And the round kaleidoscope blocks look great :)

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