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No posts, but still here

Hi, out there, I'm still here, just not doing much quilting. Little girls need dolly dresses, and I'm moving things about, trying to make room for the quilting machine at my house. My partner wants me to buy her out or sell the machine, so I finally decided to crowd it in here. Nolting is bringing 12' table parts to trade out for my 14' when they come to MQS in May. It will be used in the hands-on classes the first two days, and DH and I will drive over in the truck and trade out the pieces when they take the tables out, and move the whole thing up here. It's a lot of work for DH, but he loves me very much and wants me to be happy. Yes, he is a keeper!

I had a bit more work on my left knee today. It was holding up the rehab on my new right knee. Maybe this will make them come out even (and good!). The hardest part is being off arthritis meds for the week before surgery. I'm back on them tonight, so the worst is over!!

I'm really looking forward to …