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Friday, December 31, 2010

Judy L’s UFO challenge, the rest of the picks

6. Fall Chinese coins


Pineapple king and pillows 2007

When I finished the Pineapple Blossom quilt pictured, I cut up the remaining scraps into Chinese Coins, and sewed, and sewed, until they were all in the coin strips. There are different sizes of columns. Both of these projects were made from scraps from 2 other quilts – all cut from quarter-yard cuts of autumn fabric. The only fabric I had to add was the various yellows. The pineapple and Chinese coins came from stash/scraps – no fabric was purchased. I plan to make the Chinese Coins into a wall hanging that fits above the king-size bed pictured above. I found a cool setting using black and white Greek something in between the columns. This project was put away because I was busy making a lot of Heartstrings quilts out of Chinese coins, and I wanted them finished for Alycia’s goal of 400 QOV that year.

7.Blue Braid (King)

IMG_0013 Another class project with Bonnie Hunter. I wanted to make a monochromatic quilt for a long time, so did this. I knew when I started it would end up as a UFO. It seems like all my class projects do. I want this one for our bed. Again, because of the size it may take longer than a month.




8. Cathedral Stars for DGD#1


This quilt is all cut out and many of the components are made. I started it in a class with Bonnie Hunter. It’s not my usual colors, but this is what this DGD likes. I’ve used the same colors in other quilts for her. Last year they bought her a queen size bed, so now she needs another quilt. This one should be fun to do as the stars are one of my favorites.

9.Marti Michell’s purple and green medallion quilt – King, of course


This quilt has very little finished. I diagrammed it up to a size to fit our bed. It started as a kit for a queen, and the seller sent me more fabric to enlarge it. When I moved into this house (4 months before DH), I thought I should be able to finish this quilt for our new bed. Silly me, I was working full time, which included some overtime, and I was unpacking a mountain of stuff and trying to find room for all of it. I cut part of this out, made a few 9-patches, then packed it away.   I’ve since accumulated more of the fabric that goes with this wreath, so I will probably change my design. I don’t “love” this fabric, but it will be a fast way to finally have a king quilt on our bed, and one I won’t mind using. I’m planning on trying a wool batting with it.

10. Christmas feathered star and wall quilt. No picture for these. They are two almost done projects made out of the same fabric. The wall hanging I started in a class, and the Disappearing 9 patch just needs borders. The usual excuses for not finishing these.

11. Aunt Cora’s test quilt, large size


The lower part of this picture is the Aunt Cora’s test quilt. Someone on Stashbusters wanted people to try her pattern. There is one more striped border and then 4 pieced corners made for this. It stalled because of the math of making that inner border fit the outer corners, and mitering the stripes. I sewed the pictured ones by hand. Now I will just ask DH to figure it out for me (engineer type). The top of the page was some Chinese Coins I was making into a Heartstrings quilt (charity). If you don’t know about Heartstrings, you can find it here.

12. Judy Martin’s Celebration – long twin


I started this quilt last December (09). You can read about it here. Many of the components are finished. I need to add a bit of yellow or something to brighten it up. All the blues, greens, purples mush together too much. This one I could probably finish in a month or less.




13. Old and New Dresden plate


I’ve bought many old Dresden plate blocks at antique / flea markets, eBay and the like. I decided I wanted a modern setting, so have decided to make a back of these soft colors, then applique the plates in the form of flowers. I’ve seen this done on several blogs, and I really like the idea. It’s not really a UFO, but just something I want to make this year now that I’ve gathered all the parts. I plan to work on it in the months I finish the project early.


I’ve also accumulated about 20+ other UFOs of my own, then have ones from eBay, and from my grandmother. There’s plenty to do this year, and I will be joining Stashbusters UFO Challenge this year as well. These will really add to my 50 quilts from Stash (before buying any fabric). Please forgive my math on the previous post. I thought I put 6 on that post, ,but only did five. You know quilters . . . .

Happy Quilting, Becky

UFO’s for Judy’s Challenge

  1. Lone Star IMG_0020(large wall hanging)

I’ve started this one in Oct with a class at Des Moines AQS – Jan Krentz. I have one large diamond made, which I can’t find today, but it is pinned to a portable ironing surface, so I’m sure I will find it when the number comes up. This is wall hanging (large) size. It was a wonderful class. I’m looking forward to working on this one because the technique she taught us was so cool. I bought the DVD so I could refresh my mind (it will need it) when I start working on it again.

2. First ever blocks (queen)


In the 70’s I decided I wanted to make a quilt like my grandmother did. I made several Sun Bonnet Sues, but then decided I could applique some regular blocks. The only book I had was one by Ickles (?) so I drew out the blocks, then made them, figuring things out as I went. The fabric of the times was poly cotton, so these are appliqued on poly/cotton squares, with poly prints. Never again!

A few years ago I decided to finish this quilt, and finally decided on the single Irish Chain blocks as setting squares. After I made the blocks (they kept shrinking from the hot iron on the poly) and put them on the design wall, I figured out sashing (it’s made), and border blocks. I didn’t quilt finish the border blocks, then it had to come down from the design wall because Christmas was coming and I needed to finish up another quilt for a gift (common excuse for UFOs).

3. Timberline log cabin (king)


Final Opp Quilt

In 2009 I was responsible for the opportunity quilt of our guild. After it was made, I bought lots of raffle tickets, but still didn’t win it. I need to make one for myself. It is a Judy Martin pattern, and the logs finish to 7/8th inch. I have some left over scraps, and bought enough fabric in the same colors to make one for myself. I thought I would up the log size to 1-1/4th inch, but then I couldn’t use up the scraps. When this number is drawn, I doubt that I can finish it in one month, so it may take over the next number.

4.Blue Winding Ways (king)IMG_0016

When I was cutting the braid quilt for a class with Bonnie Hunter, I was using fat quarters, so I also cut out a blue winding ways. That’s as far as this project is on it’s way to completion. Because of its size, it may also take longer than a month.





5. Karen Stone’s BeachyIMG_0011

Before I was married (about 5 years ago) 3 of us decided we were making Beachy. We shared our wild batiks, learned a lot about different satin type stitches our machines would use, used a LOT of Steam a Seam II, and made all the blocks for this quilt. They are supposed to be joined with a combination of the wave pieces and 4 patches. With all the fusible and stitching, my blocks were no longer the size they needed to be, so I needed to trim all the sashing and border pieces – NOT! I put it away. . . .

That’s enough for this posting. I’ll do another with the other 6 (I know, I just couldn’t pick just twelve).

Happy Quilting, Becky

Monday, December 27, 2010

Design wall Monday 12/27/2010

We had an exciting Christmas Eve! It was the first time my stepson and his family joined us! They had come for baking day, and accepted my invitation to return. A good time was had by all.

I had thought long on a theme / gifts for the adults. With the economy so bad, there isn’t much money for just of fun stuff. I wanted to give them useful things, but something they wouldn’t use their own money to buy. We decided on Omaha Steak Gift Packages for each family. To go along with the theme, I made table runners and placemats to go with the Steaks.

Smith placemats and dresden plate

This is the set I made for my daughter. She has a round table. DH asked what I was doing with all the neckties. The oreo fabric reminds me of a fabric I made my daughter and myself blouses out of when she was small. I just had to make DGD#2 and DD with the same fabric. All the placemats and runners have neutral backings except DGD#2’s, pictured here. She is always playing with my scrap strings, so I just had to put them on the back of her placemat. She and I also made a hot pad using strings for her mother. She picked the strings and sat with me with her hands on the fabric pushing it through the machine. She really liked sewing. The binding fairy missed these two placemats, but should do them today.

IMGP2935The second picture is the set made for a nephew and family. Their table runner is  a shorter one, as is their table. It contains one set of pieces from each of the 10 fabric I was working with, except the Oreo fabric. It was just too big of print to look good as braids. I managed to make all of these with the ten fabrics – 8 fat quarters, and two half yards, with a few brights for one runner. The binding fairy managed to finish this set.

Hotalling runner and placemats

The M&M set is for my stepson. I didn’t have large pieces for the placemats left of any other fabric, so made all theirs the same. This is the one that I used brights for the braid as there wasn’t enough of any fabric left for another set of braids. Andy's placemats and runner

This last set for for DS’s family. They have a 6’ table, so they have braids of every fabric on both sides of the center block.  These were the placemats that the binding fairy entirely missed, but DDIL managed to miss that fact and packed them in the van in the bottom of a sack, and didn’t want to find them to leave here. She said she would bring them back – I hope soon.

That’s the extent of my design wall right now. I will be working on the pink and purple quilt shown several weeks ago, but first I have to clear away some of the debris in the quilt room. What a mess. The cutting table is also used as a wrapping table at Christmas time. Need I say more?

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Christmas, and will have the same for New Year’s Eve and Day. Please go to Judy L’s blog to see more design wall pictures.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2nd finish on 50 quilt challenge

Disney babies big star

This is the baby quilt I finished yesterday. It was started about 6-7 years ago by my friend that embroidered the blocks. She had made two sets of them, and we both started making  quilt tops at the same time one Sunday afternoon. We were having fun- good memories of a group of us meeting at my house on Sunday afternoons –and were making matching quilts. JA trimmed her corner squares too small,  gave up and threw the quilt in the corner. I put it away until last year, then added the strip around the outer corners to finish the quilt.

It has been waiting for quilting for a long time. I wanted to be able to do something that would show off the embroidery. A few months ago we bought the Circle Lord radiating lines template for Black Bart (the long-arm). It took me quite a while to quilt as I was learning how to place it. It is an 18” template on a 24” table. I ended up having to move the quilt  to match template placement instead of vice versa, like I usually do. I liked how it turned out, even If I can’t backtrack as well as I like yet.

When JA saw it after quilting, she asked who it was for – no one in particular – so she said I could give it back to her. I said I’d think about it.

JA’s oldest son has been trying for a baby for at least 10 years. Her DIL carried one pregnancy for 7 months, then had a stillbirth. She has had several more miscarriages over the years, using assisted fertility or what ever it is called. She is once again pregnant, and is having testing done every week to try to bring this pregnancy to a good outcome. If it does, I will indeed give this quilt back to JA so she can label it for the granddaughter (they know the sex). I so hope and pray for a good outcome. The whole family needs it!

This quilt counts as one of my 50 quilts from stash challenge. I’m now at 2! I need to make and sew binding on one more quilted item, so I’ll have at least one more finish before the end of the year.

I do have one more project to hopefully finish before Christmas Eve, but it’s not too big. I finally cut the pieces that need a bit of embroidery and gave them to JA 2 days ago. I can’t do anything else until that is finished. If I don’t finish it for Christmas this year, there is always next year!

Happy quilting, Becky

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A New Computer and a finish

DH and I decided to give ourselves new computers for Christmas. Mine has Windows 7 as the operating system, so I’m trying to learn all the ways it works. I was reading Bonnie’s blog http://quiltville.com today, and she was trying Windows live, so I decided to try it, too. She likes being able to see how the blog is actually looking rather than what blogger decides to do with it. I hate that part of blogger as well, so I’m trying this.


I did manage to have a finish that is quilty. Crayon top with don and Jessy This is the top from the guild blocks. I originally planned to put on another crayon border, but I really like it this way. I know it isn’t quilted, but that isn’t my job on this. I pass it on to a quilter (or the committee head) Tuesday at Guild meeting. It sure turned out bright and fun. DH and DGD#2 decided they needed to be in the picture as well. I was happy to oblige!

Quilt items finished Running total
Crayon top 1

I had to try adding a table, but I’m not sure yet how it works. Anyway, I have one finish on my personal challenge of finishing 50 quilts from stash.


When Ginny came to pick me up yesterday, she saw this flimsy and asked what she had to do to own it. She has to come to our guild quilt show which is sometime this spring, and register for the drawing. One visitor’s name will be drawn, and they win the quilt. Ginny said to make sure she knows when the quilt show starts!


Let’s see if I can figure out how to post this blog, then I’m off to put up the Christmas tree, write Christmas cards, and wrap some gifts so I can actually find clothes in my closet.


Happy quilting, Becky

Monday, December 6, 2010

Design wall Monday 12/6/2010

I'm working diligently on the crayon quilt from the guild blocks. I finished putting the triple sashing on two sections of two rows. I have most of the next section finished, just need to sash the last row and sew on both sashings. I thought I would be saving myself time by making triple sashing, then using snowball cornerstones with those fast triangle corners (sew a square across on the diagonal). I really don't like doing triangles that way, and I don't like them any better now. It's fussy to match the corner to the sashing, and I hate points not lining up. I like the effect, though, and the first border of red is part of the sashing. I think I'm adding one more border of crayons, then it will be a finished flimsy.
These four blocks are still on the edge, and are the next project to work on. I was using it for leader/enders until I changed to dark thread for the crayon quilt. They are for DGD#1 - the pink and purple princess room - but it is doubtful I will finish it for Christmas.

Part of my time has been spent helping my friend JoAnne learn to quilt on my long-arm. She is making flannel quilts with soft, soft minkee-type backings. She's really doing well on turning out nicely done, square, soft quilts. She wants me to try the backing, but I have 50 quilts to finish yet before I can buy again.
Happy Quilting, Becky

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Design wall Monday 11/22/2010

I decided today to take pictures of all the projects on the design walls - DH said design table was not "proper" so I put them all up on the board. The above picture is of the bright blocks from the guild. I've finished "twisting" them - first in black to even up the sizes, then the brights I picked last week. The black and white strip between (actually over) the space between the first and second columns is auditioning as a thin edging for the blocks, which I will probably make as triple sashing and cornerstones. The crayon fabric will be the center of the triple sashing. I enjoy making blocks, but assembly is not my favorite. I'm really working at just finishing up this top so I can say it is done (I don't have to quilt it).
This second picture is of some blocks I made while taking Bonnie Hunter's Cathedral Star workshop earlier this year. This is all the blocks that are assembled, but I have lots of progress on the component parts. I was doing them as leader / enders until I changed to dark thread to make the bright blocks above.

These blocks are on the design wall across from me, behind Black Bart. They were leftovers of another flimsy that I cut stack and whack style. I made the last 5 blocks as rewards to myself for completing quilting the last two projects. They aren't sewn together yet, and I was auditioning the navy for a wide border. I want to finish these up so I can practice making large circles with the Circle Lord. Just for fun, these were cut as matching blocks. I've put them up on the wall with the mustard block next to the matching navy blocks. No one will probably care but me, but I like to put a touch of unexpected in my quilts.
At the bottom of the main design wall are the Halloween blocks my friend JoAnne embroidered for me. I'm thinking about how to set them. They might look good twisted with orange, black, and gold Halloween fabric. She is such an artist. While the embroidery is excellent in its own right, she has also shaded in the various items in the blocks - the pumpkins, hat, house, etc. This quilt will stay with me - no DGC will appreciate all this artistry.

At the very bottom of the design wall are the "blocks" my DGD#2 makes while we are in the sewing room - and she sometimes slips in when I'm not there. She has permission to use scraps from one bin, and is learning to cut with scissors, and then paste them on construction paper. She found some stickers that she especially likes that she included as well. Last week she spread purple glue over part of the design wall, which mostly washed off. That's better than green and yellow watercolor paint that DGS painted on my design wall in my other house.

Sorry about the long post, but I also use this as a journal of my projects.
Happy Quilting, Becky

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Design Wall Monday 11/15/10

This is what is on my design table today. They are blocks made by various guild members from the patterns that were distributed at last year's quilt show. That was the last one KC guild will have at Crown Center. We had patterns for blocks that people could collect from the participating shops. In the past then these patterns were made into blocks, and then assembled in a quilt that served as a door prize as visitors filled out slips to be drawn at the end of the show. I was asked to assemble the quilt for this year's show.
As expected, the blocks that are supposed to be 8-1/2" unfinished range from 7-3/4" to 9-1/2". I pulled out my well used copy of Sharon Craig's Setting Solutions, and decided that the quickest way to fix these was to do a double or triple twist. I liked the look of some of the other ideas, but I don't get to keep this quilt, so quick, but still good looking, won out. Remember, I have a personal challenge to make 50 quilts from stash before I buy fabric, so these fabrics all came from my stash. I wondered if the crayon fabric was too "juvenile", but it was the right colors and in my stash, so it won.
I also finished quilting a "use up all the flannel" large lap quilt. I tried quilting each strip with a different freehand pattern. I was even brave enough to try Dawn's fungly feathers and dwirling, as well as leaves, vines, zigzags, etc. I still have a long way to go.
I pieced the back for it - more use it up- and it loaded better than I thought it would. No tucks, so I guess it worked. I used Bonnie's (Quiltville) 10" blocks, but off-set them so I didn't have 4 corners meeting with the bulk of the flannel. There was one time after I loaded it that I thought a back seam was showing through, but after I quilted it I couldn't find it. I used Hobbs 80/20 batting, so this quilt is a bit heavy. I did buy a small bolt of all poly batt at the Lee's Summit Guild Quilt Show, but this quilt will probably be washed to death, and I think the blend will hold up better.

I still have no finishes on my personal challenge, but 2 quilts waiting for binding, and the binding is made.

Happy Quilting, Becky

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

50 quilts from stash before buying any fabric

Oh, my, I've done it now. Over on the Stashbuster Yahoo Group I posted a personal challenge to finish 50 quilts from my stash without buying any fabric except WOW for backgrounds. I'm even NOT buying backings, but using up all I have, then piecing the rest! Now others want to join in!!

It all started with a discussion with DH about how I thought I could make 500 quilts from the fabric in the house. I thought that was too high a number for a goal, so brought it down to 50. I have a database in Excel that I use to track UFO's, and I listed 34 that needed finishing, so I think I can do both - finish UFO's and work on WHIMMs (works hidden in my mind). The finished quilts can be any size, from doll (or miniature) size, on up to HUGE.

When I have more time, I'll figure out how to set up a Mr Linky so others can report finishes as well, or some other way for others to report their numbers.

There's no time limit, I just can't buy anymore fabric until 50 quilts are finished. I plan to include charity quilts in that number, as they take up fabric. I'm starting today, although my first finish won't occur for a few days.

Good luck if you are joining in - please leave a comment so we know you're with us!

Happy Quilting, Becky

Monday, October 25, 2010

Design wall Monday 10/25/10

Don't faint that I am finally posting a blog update. I haven't been sewing very much - babysitting, sick, yard, etc. You know the drill. I did have a finish. Above is the Drunkard's Path quilt that a now deceased quilter left as a UFO. I don't know the lady; 4 UFOs came my way via my SIL. The quilter must have had time to put things in "dying order" as all the parts are together with little index cards with her plans on them. These drunkard's path blocks were with muslin squares that would have made an every other square setting. The problem I found was that the muslin was cut to what the block was supposed to measure, not what it did measure. She had sewn one set together, and the pieced block was gathered to fit the muslin. I decided to just set the pieced blocks together, and actually pieced it together by hand! I haven't done that in a while. The top sat languishing until a call from DSIL asking if I had one UFO finished for the the Charity auction, so I busily sewed on a triple border and quilted it on Black Bart with the CL spirals.
This second quilt has been a top for a long time. We just purchased a Circle Lord sunburst template for Black Bart. It was the first time I had used the frame since I purchased Black Bart (new Nolting table). It worked so well. What an improvement in the table. This quilt looks good from this distance but I have some backtracking issues, so no close-ups. CL is working on a frame that can be used from the front of the machine, and that would certainly make doing this type of quilting easier. I do love the effect. This one is awaiting binding.
This last one is the design wall special. This came from donated Chinese Coins (HeartStrings). My DFF called it an ugly quilt until I sashed it, now she is suggesting I donate to a church here in Blue Springs for their fund-raising event. I still need to add borders, then this will be a very large queen, or a king if they don't have too thick of mattress.

As you can tell, I found my camera - buried on the cutting table. I really need to work more systematically so I don't pull WHIMMs and stack them on the cutting table.
Happy Quilting, Becky

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm still here, camera isn't

This is a picture taken at Bonnie Hunter's Cathedral Stars class for the Greater Kansas City quilt Guild. I'm on the left side of Bonnie in the black shirt. We had lots of fun razzing Linda (bottom left) about having a handful of brownie in the picture! This is the last known appearance of my camera. I have gone through all of the items I took with me, and they've posted a missing alert to the people that were at the workshop. Maybe it will show up, probably someplace where I put it so I wouldn't forget it.

I have been busy, but mostly outside. I'm trying to prepare the deck railing for new paint, and at my speed (1-2 hours a day), it has taken a while. I was finally ready to start painting today, and it was supposed to start raining, and rain for the next 3 days. I hope the rain doesn't wreck my sanding job. I'll then have to let it dry out again, and hopefully get it painted before it rains again! It's a good thing it's only the railing. The builder put in a trex deck but cedar railings. It was supposed to be painted after 6 months (4 years ago), but the kid that did it missed a bunch! I'll paint it this time, but next time it needs it I'm calling the TREX people and having new rails put on!

I'll write more later when I find, or replace, my camera. DH has a wonderful camera, but I'm not very adept with it. I did, however, take a picture with it that ran in a (current) magazine about model railroads. The article says "Photos by the author", but all his RR friends are giving DH grief because my name isn't on the picture of him. Just for fun, I'll show you the picture.
I guess I should say that he set up the camera first, and all I did was point and shoot.
Happy Quilting, Becky

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The last of the HeartStrings Chinese Coins - done, done.

This is the finished product of the red, white, and blue Chinese Coins project. This is the last one I pieced, and the last quilted. I used Circle Lord Baptist Fan templates to quilt it, and put Hobbs 80/20 Batting in it. The pillowcase has a matching cuff on it made from the last few of this group of coins. The backing shown below is some decorator 100% cotton that should look nice if someone doesn't like the front.

This is the last funky caterpillar, along with its pillowcase made from the same fabric as the backing. Both quilts will go to Alycia for her Quilt of Valor project whenever I can remember where her address is located.

I was so glad to finally have some finishes. I am so easily distracted that I start half a dozen projects, and then berate myself for not finishing them. I've started on two sets of blocks from a fellow HeartStringer that I want to set and finish for the Quilt Relief of Nashville. Their devastating flood did not receive much media coverage because of the oil spill, but their need is great. You can read more about it here. My mother was in the Missouri flood of 1993, and I remember her bringing out a package she had received in the aid boxes that were being distributed - it contained a new pillow, sheets, and a light blanket. She was so amazed that someone would send her that, and they were pink, her favorite color! I'm hoping I can finish enough for one family.
Happy Quilting,


Monday, July 5, 2010

How Leadergrips look

Bonnie asked me to post some pictures of my Leadergrips. Here they are.
The above picture is of the leadergrip dowel inserted into the casing I've sewn on the new leaders. You may note that I have straight stitching until about the last 5 inches, and then it is wobbly. That's because the Nolting machine doesn't reach to the end of the leaders, so you have to loosen them and "fudge" to finish the casing. This works fine.
This second picture shows the leadergrips in place (I took these pictures when removing a quilt). It doesn't always work out exact like it did in the picture. For a 12' table, I have 3 lengths of the plastic things, 2"starters, 6 mid-size and 6 long ones.

I left extra space at the top when loading this backing so I could just turn the backing of outing flannel over for the binding of this polyester double-knit "quilt". This project is for me to practice line dancing on something that doesn't matter. I bought the quilt off ebay for a pittance, and it will make great dog beds for DD's 2 black labs. They will be washed to death - I cut the quilt in two and will make 2 of them.
The leader grips just pull off. I pull on the backing to start it, then just go down to the other end.
This shows the imprint over the dowel - this takes up about 1/2" of fabric.
I just store the leadergrips in their mailing tube that sits in the corner of the room next to the long-arm.

The dowels for the leadergrips come in 3 sections and are put together with this shrink wrap tubing. Others have noted that they had difficulty heating the tubing high enough for the shrink to actually grab. You can see from the picture how close my long-arm is to the desk my DH uses for building model trains and such.
In the drawer of that desk is this hot air gun. It shrinks the tubing easily, but keep your hand out of the way! If you are wondering, yes, I share worn out cutting mats with DH. I introduced him to rotary cutters, rulers, and mats (he already had a 6" square one), on our first "date". I visited him in LA after not seeing him for 35 years, and he took me to 2 quilt shops. When my quilting friends were debating his pros and cons, one said "But he took her to quilt shops!" They decided he might be a keeper (he is).

Happy Quilting,


Saturday, July 3, 2010

QOV, Baptist fans quilting, snow crystal top

Today I finished up quilting the last of my tops made from HeartStrings Red, White and Blue Chinese Coins. With all the straight lines and squares in the top, I decided to borrow Baptist Fan templates for the Circle Lord, and use those. I like how it softens the quilt. I used a decorator 100% cotton sateen on the back. I even took time to match up the pattern when I seamed the backing. This way it is more reversible. This one will be traveling to Alycia's QOV project whenever I finish the binding on it and on the Funky Caterpillar one.

This was supposed to be the end of Chinese Coins for me; I had given the rest of them to another piecer at the HeartStrings Nebraska Sew-in who was making them into QsOV from that area. However, when I was cleaning the quilt room, I found a box that had some more that Susan had brought over with a lot of other fabric and blocks. I'm not sure if I will sew these up, but there are people in my guild that will be happy to work on them to donate locally.

I have another challenge which I would like some advice on, please. These are pictures of some of the snow crystal blocks in a quilt top I was given to finish up. It was made by a now deceased quilter from New York. The picture on the left has a spool of thread that I put through the hole in the center of the block. The right one shows the "B cup" that is present on a lot of them. The whole top is made of polyester blends. Does anyone had any ideas about quilting this without having to remake every center? Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

Happy Quilting,