Not really a design wall....

I know this doesn't look like a design wall, but it is what I've been doing today. DSIL is growing a garden for the first time this year. Tomatoes have been late because we haven't had very many hot, sunny days for August. We went over to see DGD and take her a birthday present because she was too sick to have a party (she's 3). Their table was covered with tomatoes that were ripening - ripe. I offered to "do something with them", so we loaded then in two flat boxes to bring them home. DGD started crying and fussing - she didn't like it that we were taking all her tomatoes! I've emailed this photo to them so she can see what happens at grandma's house. If she wasn't sick, I would have brought her home to "help". I was surprised I could remember how to can, and that I had enough jars and lids. I've given most of that stuff away over the years. The kids and I used to do it every year as a family project - beans, tomatoes, applesauce, and frozen peaches. Now it is so easy to buy stuff, and I don't have the financial constraints - wait - we may be back to thinking like that with this economy. DH and I are off to St. Charles, MO for a few days away to pretend we are having a vacation this year. There's quilt shops, antique shops, and an old "carriage car plant" that made railroad cars. Something for everyone.
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Anonymous said…
Help with layout - happy blocks

I really like the top right version. The diagonal lines of colour add somethinf extra.

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