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It doesn't take much to amuse us this morning. DH and I are sitting at our computers in the library, and the 2 older DGC are playing in here as well. We have a small metal file cabinet between us, and there is a small box of magnetic letters sitting on top of it. DGD started to grab the letters, and DH said "The letters are asleep" and said she couldn't have them. The 4 year old looked at him and said"Letters don't sleep". We all had a good laugh, and now she is putting the letters in alphabetical order on the file cabinet, with the assurance she will put them back in the box when finished.
Back to quilting! The random number generator has declared Paula the winner of the three hankies pictured in this session. However, If you would like one of the other hankies - sorry, no crocheted ones - please send me your email and I will send you one of my choosing. If you want to specify a color you might like, please do so.
I've looked at all the pictures in webshots, three books on hanky quilts, and have decided I need to do one similar to the dancing senorita. I found (and bought) this embroidery pattern on some one's website. I hope to adapt it to some hanky blocks. The hanky quilt will have to wait until I finish the Big Star and one other quilt, then I will play with it. I always like to "think about" a possible quilt for a while, mulling it over in my mind until the desired design becomes clearer. It usually changes when I actually start / finish the quilt, but I enjoy the process as much as the finished product. I'm sure that's why I have so many UFO's. LOL
Happy Quilting,
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Becky, your Mom's collection of hankies is amazing! I adore hankies and would love to have you send me one. The "Email me" link on your blog isn't working tho. Please send me your email address!


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