It's finished!!!

The Dunn family reunion quilt from 1997 is finished!!! It has a label and everything. This picture was taken as I took the quilt off the quilting machine, but it has a binding now. I have the stack of CD's of the Photo album from 1941-43 finished as well. Good thing, the reunion is this Sunday. I have one other quilt I am going to take to give away while there. It is for the cousin that persisted and "found" me in time for the reunion. When my Grandmother died, my mother cleaned up her sewing stuff, and took some incomplete blocks, etc. She kept them for about 30 years, then gave them on to me. I made a quilt from one set of the blocks. They had a note on them that they were made for my mother's cousin from her first class - she was a teacher. They have embroidered signatures. That would be in the 1930's. I finished that quilt about 10 years ago, but had no contact with the cousin that found me. I hope she will be pleasantly surprised.

DH and I cleaned the garage today. I went through some things that I haven't touched in the 4 years I've lived here. I found more old photographs! Ugh. I need to go through them before the reunion, perhaps taking some with me to see if others can identify them. I really need to put my pictures in albums, with labels, so no one else has to go through this when I'm gone. I hope I have a few years to finish that task!
Happy quilting,
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