Family reunion

The Dunn family reunion is finished, and was a success. I so enjoyed visiting with cousins I rarely see. The reunion quilt was a success. People had fun finding their blocks. As I expected, one cousin had two names on her block of someone she was going with in 1997- and has since married someone else. I told her I meant to bring painter's tape so people could cover up names if needed! My cousin Mary from OKLA was delighted to receive it as caretaker / owner. I was glad it made her happy.
The quilt pictured above is another quilt I made and gave away. This one was made back in 2000. The blocks were part of the ones left when my grandmother died in 1968, and my mother gave me to finish in 1998. If you can't read the label - these were given to my cousin's mother by her first class of elementary students back in the early 30's. My mother had told me she offered them to my cousins, but they didn't want them. I wonder if they ever actually saw them. A few of theblocks were quite roughly made - with newer fabrics and no signatures. I did remake them with better muslin, using the same print fabric. They made enough blocks for a full-size quilt. This quilt has hung in a local quilt show. Now it resides with the proper person, the daughter of the teacher. She is also a quilter, and really appreciated having it, and all the work in it.
I had wanted to do something for another cousin who co-chaired the previous reunion. She told me a year or so ago that she had taken up quilting. In sorting my grandmother's blocks, I found a set of simple nine-patches, large squares, enough to make a fair size quilt if you sashed them - you would need to as they are slightly different in sizes - they cut with scissors then. I wrote a note about who made them and how I happened to have them, and asked this cousin if she would be interested in them - but that she didn't have to take them as I didn't want to give someone "work" that they wouldn't enjoy. She almost cried, and said yes, she would love to have them. Several of us talked about the quilts my grandmother made - one for each of her children and each grandchild. My cousin said she used her quilt, as I did, and now it was in tatters, like the one in my closet. I have the quilt that was my brother's, as my mother would never let him have it. I also have the two butterfly quilts blogged previously. My mother "bought" them from my grandmother one year as she had already received "her" quilt. I was glad to be able to share the blocks, especially after how they were received.
Enough for today, I'll tell another reunion story later.
Happy Quilting,
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