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what's on my design wall 6/24/09

These first graphics are on my design wall in EQ6. They are possible settings for the Stashbuster Sunshine (Ugly fabric) Challenge. It needs to be a king-size, as I'll be giving it as a gift for Christmas. The left center will be faster, but uses more blocks, and only 12" ones. The right one uses less 12"blocks, but lots of 6" blocks, and more borders. I really like feathered stars, but they do take more time to make. The real block I would make is the one from a Marti Michell pattern - used as a block of the month a while back. Below is my progress on blocks for this quilt; I only made 6" blocks this week.
After my new glasses arrived this week (Hurray!), I was able to start on the quilt below. It is made out of mainly brushed cotton, but some real flannel. It is a King-size, so I think I will need to find a wool batting, or they won't be able to turn over under it. We visit these friends in Idaho nearly every year, and Chris has been hinting for …

What's on my design wall

I've taken down the rolling stars, and put up all the Stashbusters ugly fabric / Sunshine challenge blocks I've made so far. I really liked Bradford's Beauty, so ended up making 3 different blocks with that pattern. I like all of them, but the second block in the second row is my favorite, so far. I think I need to make quite a few more blocks if I'm going to make a king size of these. I think some sashing will be needed, or some type of unique setting. I plan on making quite a few more 6" blocks to add to the mix.
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Pointillist Pallette - Missing fabric - do you have any

Does this fabric look familiar? Do you have any "yellow to white"? All I need is a fat quarter of the yellow. Some idiot (me) misplaced, used, or lost the yellow to white. The yellow in the picture is a pieces of yellow to orange. I bought these on my first trip to Padukah in the 90's. I'd always planned to make a Dresden plate with all the shades and tints. I have all the shades (pure color to black), but don't have all the tints (pure color to white). I've looked at skipping yellow, but it just won't work. If you happen to have some, I would be willing to pay quite well for it, or trade you for it if you would rather have something I have. I have Jan Krentz's new book and templates for diamond stars, and I would really like to make it out of these fabrics. Thanks for any help you can give.
Happy Quilting, Becky
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Ugly fabric challenge / Be careful what you wish for

After my Dr appointment today, I decided to work on more of the Stashbuster Ugly blocks for June and July. The top right is the remake of the Illinois block, with the "wrong" one below it. Corn and Beans, middle top, was a bear until I noticed on the last few seams that I had failed to replace the single stitch throat plate after doing the mending that needed zigzag stitches. What a difference it makes! I also gave my machine a new needle since I was seeing green dots on stitches, and my thread was grey and ecru. Amazing - good stitches. I finished the bottom center a few days ago, so the only one left was Bradford's Beauty - the left ones. The top one I followed the coloring in the files on Stashbuster, but I also looked it up in the Marti Michell template books, so I had to make the bottom one with her coloring. The fabrics are mostly the same in both blocks, just changed location of lights and darks. I love what that does. I want to make at least one more wi…

What I played with today

This top was made by Jay from Nebraska, a fellow HeartStringer. I quilted it with Baptist Fans, and today was inspired to finish it with the binding. Judy L has a tutorial for sewing the back of the binding from the front, so I gave it a try. Mine wasn't as neat as hers, but it did work, and this quilt is finished. Jay has a project making quilts for a nursing home, but this one doesn't fit his measurements. It's too wide for a lap quilt, and too square and short for a twin bed. I'm sure it will make someone in the Women's Shelter feel better. I tried Mary's setting for taking the picture, but my pink petunia's don't work as well with this quilt as her red geraniums would.
These are the 4 rolling star blocks for the corners of my Secret Project. The top right one was the first, and I made the outside diamonds with the same fabric on both sides. I like the other three better, but I probably won't make another one. The…

More toys

[Aside] I have no idea how these four pictures will actually show up on this blog. So far I haven't figured out the secret to loading them in the place I want. Last week DH was very early for his Dr. appointment, and saw a sign for a garage sale near the office. He saw a sewing machine, so decided to check it out. He called me while I was shopping for a new sewing machine for a handicapped friend, so I didn't talk much, just told him to use his judgement. When I arrived home, these two machines were here. The first one is a beautiful Singer - I think 99 - in a cabinet with an inlay front door. The front of the machine has the more intricate plate. It needs some dusting and cleaning, but the decals are in perfect condition. It doesn't look as if anyone ever sewed on it, no pin scratches, or such. The second machine (too heavy for me to lift right now and DH isn't home) is in the same beautiful shape. It also has the decals that say made in Great Britain. The plug has bee…

It arrived!!!

It's my new SEW-EZI table! I'm so excited, and it's purple! I had this on my Christmas wish list last year, but after finding out how much they cost, DH and I decided not to order one. Then I went to the Nebraska Sew-in for HeartStrings and worked on a standard table. When I returned home, I told my DH that I wanted the Sew Ezi back on my list, that I wouldn't go to another retreat / sew-in without one. (He was very nice and gave me a gift certificate for a massage to get the kinks out of my neck and shoulder.) My birthday was last week, and this arrived today. DH had enclosed the email order in my birthday card. I have such a good DH; I hope you have one, too. Happy quilting, Becky

what's on my design wall

Judy L is hosting looks on people's design walls, and if I can figure out the link process, I think I'll play along. I don't know how blogger is going to display these pictures, so I guess I'll just wing the descriptions. The picture that I think will be the top left one is a picture of my right design wall. It holds a vertical row of lone star blocks, that I thought I was going to use in the corners of a secret project. When I brought out the fabric that goes with it, I decided that 12" blocks weren't large enough, so yesterday I started on 17" rolling star blocks - the top right picture, I think. Talk about set-in seams! I think only the last 4 triangles were sewn on edge to edge, the rest of the seams, after making the diamond star points, were all single seams with back stitching at both ends. It is a good thing I really like making 45 degree diamond blocks. I only need 4 total of rolling stars for my secret project. The …