doll beds and quilts finished!!

The doll bed on the left is the one my father made my daughter about 27 years ago. It is in the rocking position. The beds have a mattress support that slides on 4 dowels, so little ones can change it from stationary to rocking cradle just by flipping the bed. Believe me, this is used a LOT! This bed now belongs to dear granddaughter (DGD) #2. I made a new mattress for it to match her nursery for her birthday in August. For Christmas I added the patchwork pillow and quilt.

The 2 beds on the right are the reproductions that my husband and I made. The middle one is for DGD#2, the far right one is for DGD#1. She will also be receiving the doll cradle that I wrote about the last posting. If you are wondering why they will have 2 each, one is for leaving at Grandma's house as they play dollies here a LOT! I will let them choose which one goes home and which one stays here. They will also be receiving My Friend Mandy dolls purchased from eBay. My daughter brought over the doll clothes I made her a long time ago, and they play with them a LOT. They no sooner put on one outfit, than it is changed for another, and it all about the shoes!

The two pink quilts are UFO's that are finally finished. The right one is from scraps of bridesmaid dresses from DGD#1's aunt's wedding. Her mother wore one of the dresses. I made a baby quilt for their first baby (now 12) from the same type of blocks. The doll quilt is from the left-overs. The middle quilt is from more of the rail fence blocks left over after making DGD #1's big bed quilt. The red one is made from left-over fabric from DGD#2's nursery. I actually cut it out, made it, quilted it, and even turned the binding all in one session. I was on a roll.

Now I'd better be on a wrapping roll, I have a lot to do today.
Happy quilting and Merry Christmas,

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JuJu said…
Beautiful!! The grand daughters will be thrilled!

Julia, NE
Kathy Wagner said…
Merry Christmas to you and your family! I'm sure the doll quilts and the big bed quilt will be greatly enjoyed!
Cindy said…
These beds are so cute. Do you have plans for the beds? We would love to make some for our DDs.

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