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Quilt borders

Last weekend we finished moving things in my closet so I could hang my quilts. I have some that my grandmother made, and I didn't want to leave them folded. I have 2 butterfly quilts that she made. The green one was probably made in the 50's, and the turquoise one was made in the early 60's (it came to our house in 1964). After my brother left for college, they were always on the twin beds in his room with fancy embroidered and crocheted pillowcases on the pillows as the quilts weren't long enough to cover the pillows.
If you examine the green quilt, you can see it has the sashing fabric all around the outside. The turquoise one doesn't have any on the top or bottom. I really like how the green one looks - complete! The turquoise one looks like Grandma ran out of sashing fabric, but I know that wasn't the case. Grandma used that same sashing fabric in quite a few quilts, both before and after this quilt was made. She must have bought it by the bolt! I think that…

Timberline Log Cabin Opportunity Quilt Finished!!!!

"Timberline Log Cabin" is from Judy Martin's latest book. It's really nice that she gives permission to use her patterns for opportunity quilts. I fell in love with this pattern and Judy's color choices. I should have read the directions better - those logs finish to 7/8" wide. This finished to 96" x 96". I love LeMoyne stars, so this should be my quilt. It's too bad it is an opportunity quilt. I wonder how many tickets I would have to buy to be assured of winning it. I guess I'll have to make my own.

My friend Rose and I ended up doing most of the work on this. The quilting was done by Don Sutcliffe. It has taken up most of this year's quilting time for me. I've only finished a few charity quilts and this. I hope to resume work on some UFOs and Christmas gifts now that this is finished. I turn it in Saturday. If you are in the Kansas City Area, it will be at Crown Center for the Quilt Guild of Greater Kansas City show September 27t…

Still around

Hi. I haven't posted for two weeks or so, and will hopefully have some pictures of finishes in the next few days. We have lots of late August birthdays to celebrate that cuts into quilting time - but in a good way. Youngest DGD turned two, DS turned 40, DDIL turned 39 and holding.

I've been binding, and binding, and binding. The opportunity quilt is finished, charity quilts finished, funky caterpillar #1 is quilted, waiting for binding, etc. More later.

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